Saturday, June 23, 2007

Winter Solstice

The Remarkables - mountains overlooking Queenstown.

As all you northern hemisphere cats celebrate the middle of your glorious summer, us southern kitty cats are shivering in the middle of our winter. We thought we would share these pictures of the lower South Island of New Zealand taken yesterday (by someone else - mum said we couldn't go there because the roads and airfields were all closed by the snow storms).

This is Wanaka.
It doesn't snow where we live. Hope you like the pictures of down south. It has been chilly here but we have had fabulous blue skies and if you sit directly in the sun you can feel its warmth. I was lying on the seat outside, getting warm yesterday. I looked awfully cute so mum went and got the camera. Great!! Now I am not going to sit still for you I am going to run all around the garden showing you where you need to pull out weeds. Boy can I run fast, I better relax and hide in the bushes!!! Hah hah mum you can't get any pictures of me!!!
PS in the previous post mum says she doesn't let any pussy cat (or person) play in plastic bags unsupervised. As that would be dangerous and just plain silly!!!
Poppy Q


  1. Those are some fantastic pictures. It's quite beautiful there. We love to play in the garden too. Mommy always wants to take pictures but we never let her get the shot she wants. There aren't any weeds to pull her because Mommy and Daddy spent a lot of time putting down weed cloth everywhere and covering it with bark mulch so they wouldn't have to weed. I like the bark mulch. It's fun to roll in.

  2. Wow, those winter pictures are stunning!! Reminds mommy of the Rockies near Banff, Alberta.

    Unfortunately, these snowy pictures remind us of crummy winter weather that don't allow us to go outside. Luckily, it's sunny, warm weather now, so we can go outside! I think I'll go outside again....


  3. Wow! Those pictures are gorgeous! We don't see anything like that around here.


  4. Thanks for the beautiful photos. Tasmania is beautiful. I spent the day under my artificial wolfskin rug.