Sunday, June 17, 2007

If mum wins Lotto

This weekend my mum talked to me about her plans for if we win Lotto!! We didn't have a ticket this week but mum intends to buy one for this coming weekend!! Boy do I hope we win.

She said if we win we have to share it. I can have a big garden full of catnip with lots of climbing trees full of birds. I would get enough biscuits to last forever and toys and mum might even get another couple of kitties. Say what?? No way - only if I can be boss alpha cat!!! She said maybe even two dogs that she would call Bert and Ernie - super no way mum, no woofies in our house!

She would buy us a big house with lots of bookshelves for me to climb, underfloor heating so we are warm all winter and a nice big deck and backyard so we have somewhere to sit out in the hot summer evenings.

She thinks that she would have to have a wee shop that would sell all the fabulous things she would have to buy in New York, France, Italy and London!! I would get a million outfits to rival miss daisy and her super huge wardrobe.

Mum loved the post from Skeezix about the superduper flash cat motel that him and his brother Mao stayed at!! She would also build one of those! Check out this link and you can see the fabulous cat hotel - awesome!!!!
We would also use some money to help our friends and family!! We would help the SPCA as they are always looking for people to help sponser cages for their pussy cats.
We would also send our cat blogger friends some treats!!
What would you do?
Poppy Q

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  1. Oh I hope your mum wins the Lotto because you have lots of wonderful plans. If I won the Lotto, I would like to use the money to find a cure for cardiomyopathy so I could make Pixie all better. But I would do that after I bought a bunch of fun toys, treats, and clothes.