Sunday, June 10, 2007

First Five Days.

Day one: We got tagged by marvellous Miss Millie to tell you about our first five days at our house. My mum came and got me on the 30th of December 2007. To quote Miss Millies Mom I had had my "ladygardenectomy" only two days earlier so I was a bit sore, but my new mum was nice and gentle. This is me in my new green blanket. I was a bit nervous when we got home but mum stayed with me in the lounge and let me just wander around. I spent 5 hours exploring before I went to sleep.

Day two: I figued out that when I was tired I could cuddle up to my mum. Even though it is meant to be summer in NZ in December - it was very cold. I didn't hide too much under the couch today though.

Day three: Mum left me this big toy to play with. Lots of sparkly bits for me to pull at. I think she must have been mad at it though cause it wasn't out for long. It got pulled into little bits and thrown away!! Boy I better be a good kitty that mum is tough!!

Day Four: This is the bed I am meant to sleep in when mum tries to move me into her room. Uh uh mum not gonna sleep in that one. Gonna sleep on your pillow pulling your hair!!! Unfortunately for me mum has watched supernanny too many times. I only allowed to sleep in her room with her if I quiet and go to sleep. If I wriggle jiggle too much she takes me back to the lounge.

Day Five: This is my igloo in the lounge. It has a pillow underneath and mum has put a hot water bottle underneath. You can see at the front of me that funny blue monster toy that I stole from the other bed. I love my igloo and know when the sun goes down I have to head to bed. Now I am a big girl I take up the whole thing!

-Thanks for dropping by!! We are not sure who has been tagged - it must be your turn!
Poppy Q


  1. Poppy Q, you have lots of great things. I love your igloo, and the blue monster toy! You had a very eventful first five days.

  2. Hi Poppy! You are an adorable kitty! We loves dem big golden British shorthair eyes you has. You were really busy for dem five days. Yoo must be really happy. Nice to meet yoo.

  3. Wow, yoo had a bizzy time fur da furst five days at yoor furever home. Yoor rite, Poppy wood be a nice name fur a gerl kitty. If one of dem babies is a gerl we'll sugjest dat when we take dem back. We don't get to keep dem, dey is just fosters and mom won't name dem.

  4. Sounds like you had an excellent first five days.

  5. You are such a cute kitten, that was great story about your first five days!