Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blog adjustments

As you might have seen mum has played around with the blog.

She has added a map to see where you all are from. How exotic to be read around the world.

She has added a counter so we can see how many people come and see us - thanks everybody.

Best of all she added a little widget thing that shows us who came to visit - thanks Daisy, Daisy Mae, Zoey and the furballs, Faz, Dragonheart, Donny & Marie & Casey and our other visitors. Nice of you all to drop by.
We think some of you pussy cats and beans must have to get up really early, and stay up really late to read all the blogs out there.
Have a nice day.
Poppy Q


  1. Hi PoppyQ Thanks furr visiting us. It's nice to meet yoo.We don't get chance to read all the blogs efurryday. We go to the ones that haf visitid us furrst, then to our uvver faverits. Then wiv what time we haf left we go down the rest in Alfie Betty Calls order. Sumtimes we haf reely bad connekkshuns and don't see many.
    We like the pikchurs of the mountains wiv the snow. They wuz furry purrty.

  2. We like very much to visit you!

    ~Donny and Marie and Casey

  3. I haven't seen a British Shorthair kitty with a blog before you. I am a Russian Blue cat and look quite like you, but have green eyes and am a bit more slim and oriental looking. We have the same perfect temperament.

  4. Hi poppy Q - the blogs looking even cooler now. It's exciting to get visitors from around the world isn't it, that's why I love blogging. FAZ

  5. Your blog looks great! That's me waving to you from south Florida. My Mommie gets up real early because most mornings she goes to help out at a cat rescue shelter. And there are many cats there needing food, water, medicines, and cleaning.

  6. Feather dusters make me crazy! I love them!

    Hi PoppyQ (I almost typed poopyQ [aaak] my paw slipped)

    have a happy day *~Prinnie

  7. Hi! your green fev-ver toy looks like great fun. it looks like you need a nap after playing so hard. i want to leave my home on the map but my typist isn't sure how. hopefully it just does it automatically! if not, we're from cincinnati, ohio.

    good to see you again!

  8. hello! we saw you over at Eric & Flynn's (Flynn is my boyfurrendcat), and so we came over to meet you. we love British Shorthair kitties. you all have the most striking eyes and such cute faces! it's nice to meet you!

  9. Hi PoppyQ! How nice to get a visit from you - your blog is very nice and I will add you to my blog roll thingy! Take care and purrs!