Friday, June 1, 2007

Another of my things.

Well we seem to be introducing you folks to all of my favourite things. This is my blue chair. I am spreading the cat love all over it. As you can see my mum has put a polar fleece blanket on it to try and avoid so many hairs. However I don't like the red one. Only the brown one on my bed. I will not sleep on or next to the red one - so don't put it there!!!

Mum is pleased with herself though as she bought a new vacumn cleaner that actually picks up cat hairs. She got a new cyclonic bagless vacumn cleaner with a hepa filter. She recommends them for all cat mums and dads as this one works ten times better than her old one. (It wasn't an expensive brand either). I don't mind the noise of the vacumn cleaner but because it worked so good it managed to suck up my catnip mice!! I better hide them somewhere else!!

Have a lovely long weekend. It is the Queens Birthday Weekend off here. That means three sleep ins with mum = and she doesn't have to work any of it.

If you are not celebrating the Queen of Englands birthday where you live this weekend - Celebrate the Queen of your house!!! Put your pearls on and have a gin or two.
Poppy Q


  1. GO POPPY Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU ARE THE QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hi poppy i miss you. you are so cute.

  2. Fiona here: I think that is what everyone in my house should do daily, celebrate mini Queen Fiona.

  3. I bet Skeezix could tell you a shop to find a real crown in your size!

  4. Good Morning, Poopy Q! We were just dropping by to say Hi!!! Welcome to blogging!

  5. Oh Poppy, you are very right! ANY day is a good day to wear pearls.

  6. Okay, mom is gonna put on her pearls and haf a glass of merlot (she don't like gin) and den she'll fall asleep cuz dat what she duz after haffing wine.

  7. Um we always need something to cellybrate so a birthday of the Queen will do fust fine. Cheers.

  8. I'll go get my pearls and tiara and have a drinkie with you. Make mine a lemon drop martini.

    Have a lovely holiday weekend!

    PS, my mommy wants to know which vacuum you got. She's not happy with her old one and would like that really picks up our fur. I'm not sure why she doesn't understand we're just going to put the fur back the minute she sucks it up.

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