Monday, June 25, 2007

happy birthday miss Belle

Happy Birthday Miss Belle!!! It must be great to be eleven!

Miss belle is my mums niece. She is a great girl who loves to march, reading, tennis, swimming and being with her friends and family. When I was a little kitten she cames and stayed and I loved to cuddle up to her. Even though her legs are like long sticks I still like to lie on top of them and keep warm. You can come and cuddle with me any time miss belle!!

Me and my cat friends will wear our best party hats and think of you tonight!!

We love you miss Belle - happy eleventh birthday, and we wish you a year of happiness, fun and adventures.

Poppy Q and mum


  1. You're a very thoughtful, kitty, Poppy! :D

  2. Dear Poppy Q, nice tribute and good party hats. Do you have ones likes these? FAZ

    p.s. the canoe is a good idea, it's raining again today and this is the first day of Wimbledon Tennis - typical!

  3. Oh, I hope Miss Belle has a very wonderful birthday!

    Hmm, I wonder where you can get those cute party hats?

  4. Those are great hats, Poppy Q! You think of efurrything! We wish Miss Belle a wonderful eleventh birthday, too!

  5. Those are great, great, great party hats!