Thursday, June 14, 2007


My mum said I should let you know about my catdoor. It is nothing exciting, just a little door in the back kitchen door. Did you know mum didn't have to show me how to use it - I figured it out myself at 3 months old!! Once I knew where it went to I was in and out all the time!! Up until I was 5 months old mum would close it and put a big heavy box in front of it. But I was so strong I could push the box and squeeze out through the gap.

In the end mum gave in and just lets me come and go as I please. That is how i got out in the rain last night. Mum says that lots of you American cats have to be inside pussycats as you have bears, snakes and alligators who could eat you!!! We don't have any of those monsters here only dogs!!!

Here I am hunting mices and birds in my garden!

Mum says I should let you all know that because I am so good usuing my catdoor I don't have to have a litterbox inside. I go and dig holes in all the neighbours gardens and do my business there!!

Poppy Q


  1. You are giving back to nature by going to potty in your neighbors gardens, helps there plants too! We have a noticed that most cats from the UK, New Zeland & the Aussie kitties are allowed outside. Do have room for two more kitties at your house, we would love to go outside when we please.

  2. You are very very lucky to get to go outside all by yourself. I think if I went out all alone I might get runned over by a car, or an alligator might eat me all up. That would be bad.

  3. We have a catdoor too, and we love it! Ours has a lock on it or something so we can't use it all the time.
    (Nammie doesn't use the litterboxes either.)


  4. We have a cat door too and we love it. We have a big fenced yard and Mommy and Daddy let us run around in it, but we can't go out front. They still lock the door at night because the furballs are still little and Mom and Dad think there's a raccoon outside because something's been getting in the pond at night. Cat doors are very good things!

  5. Poppy Q, you are very lucky to be able to go outside like that! I'm glad it is safe for you. I have to be an indoor-only cat, partly due to my lack of fur, and partly because it isn't safe outside. I do get to explore our yard in my harness, or out in the neighbourhood in my stroller.