Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Night Foods

Friday night here at chez Q.  Mum went for a walk after her day at work, she popped into the library to stock up with the weekends books and then got a treat and got herself some fish and chips from across the road.  We are not sure if other people do it, but kiwis grew up having fish and chips on Friday nights, as it was often a religious choice to not have meet on Fridays, especially at Lent.  It has continued on being a tradition in many families for decades, although we think not so much now as there are so many takeaway choices.  When mum grew up in the 1970s, there would be huge lines at the fish and chip shop.

In the 1970s there also was not much choice in dinners for pussy cats, and the cat mum grew up with - Andy cat.  Well he only ever got Chef Jellimeat, which at the time only came in one flavour, so no choices for him.  He chowed down every dinner and breakfast though and loved his foods.  He also got some chicken or beef scraps every now and then.  Anyways last night at the supermarket mum picked up some Chef sachets - Kiwi favourites.  There were 6 lamb, 6 chicken and 6 jellimeat and on special at half the price of my usual fancy feast.     I tried the jellimeat tonight and we are giving it a 4/5 (mum did not tasted it, but based the score on how much I ate, how quickly I ate it, and how much was left on my plate).

A chill is in the air tonight.  Mum has pulled the curtains and put the heating on - the first time in about 5 months.  I have even climbed on her knee for a cuddle.

Hope you have somewhere warm and cosy to snooze on, and a full tummy tonight.


  1. Quite right Poppy!x As a boy, Fridays were always,
    fish night, and yes, usually with chips! For us, it
    was a religious thing. And, during Lent, meat only
    on a Sunday.
    And, no, not many pussy~cat foods either..My Mum used
    to give me sixpence (6d) ..the old money, l'd run down
    to the fishmonger and get 6d worth of fish for our Tibby!
    Tibby also had scraps off the dinner table!

  2. Poppy, dear, it's very exciting for us mums when a kitty discovers a new food favorite. We've just tested a new line of canned foods with recipes "designed by cats" called CatCoctions. Even my very elderly tuxedo cat snarfs it down in minutes! Mummy is sooo pleased!

  3. It sounds like a comfy night to me, Poppy.

    That was very interesting about the food of the '70s. I sometimes forget how the cat-food industry has exploded since then. It's a good thing Andy loved his one choice! Jellimeat... Is that some in determinant meat with jelly like the kind the canned hams come with? It's nice that you liked the sachets, and the jellimeat, just like Andy did.

    As for human food, I sure wish there were fish and chip shops here. But on the prairies, the price of fish is high (higher than everything else, which is saying a lot, these days), and I don't think they'd do it right, anyway. Strangely enough, I think my family used to have fish on Fridays, too, even though we weren't Catholic.

    I'll stop in at your mum's other website and see what dh's been reading...

  4. Sounds like you and mum both had great suppers! Our mom bean luvs fish but doesn't often buy it here as it costs a lot and usually comes frozen not fresh. So when she goes on vacation (abandons us) she eats as much of it as she can.

    Have a great weekend!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. we had fish n chips on Fridays often too. And yep chef jellymeat was our cat food. The cats that come to stay have such a variety of dinners, I sometimes buy the posh ones for our 4 cats, but they turn their nose up and it taks ages opening 4 little cans (plus cattery guests) so our 4 seem to like their mince and Science diet cat nuts. Very cold up here last night too we nearly lit the fire,

  6. poppy waz a staple round trout towne during lent az well when de food servizz gurl waz a wee one... N de food oh choice waz friskiez.......which iz still R choice two day !!!! N joy yur chillaxin time with mum & heerz two a crevice kelpfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  7. At our place, cats & humans alike luvs us some good fish & chips. Good fish & chips is very hard to find here & mom even tried to make it herself a few times over the years without much success. It was tasty, but nothing like what your mom can get at the fish & chips shop. If we had one across the street from our house, mom would probably want to have it most nights for dinner. Our favorite cat foods are Classic Feast & monced Friskies, We enjoy a new can of food every once in a while, but then we want our old favorites again. Hope you & your mom enjoy your weekend Poppy& keep those cuddles coming as your mom needs them.

  8. My mum says she always had fish on Fridays but now she has it a couple of times a week. She mostly cooks it herself but there are 6 fish and chip shops within 2 miles of us. Being a port city, fish is very available and inexpensive.

  9. Hello Poppy Q .. just popping in for a visit, You are so adorable, I just love looking at photos of you. Yes we had fish & chips on Friday nights while growing up too. Funnily enough we still treat Friday nights as takeaway nights & will have an assortment of things ... some healthy, some not so. Its one night I really look forward to just having a break from the kitchen. Happy weekend to you Poppy.

  10. Yep, fishy fry is a big thing here. Mum made fish tonight, just because. Stuff she baked in the hot box. She shared some with me too. Yummy.