Friday, September 7, 2012


Today was very windyliscious here in our city.  There was no chance of drying the washing outside, it would have been across town in ten minutes, so into the dryer it goes.   Instead I camped in mums bedroom, and got caught up on my sleeps.

Mum went to work, then has come home, got some chores done, and thinks that she might pop off to the library, the supermarket and get some dinner.  Then the relaxing can begin.

Hope you have some nice plans planned for the weekend.


  1. Goodness! I haven't hung out laundry in decades! I have a perfectly good drier, after all! And if it breaks, I'll get another! hahaha!

    Enjoy your relaxing time, ladies!

  2. poppy; we hope yur mum enjoys her company; dont forget if it getz two crazed at yur houz; ewe can chillax over at trout towne :) enjoy yur week oh end ; peace out N rock on !!

  3. I do miss the smell of laundry off the lines. But with allergies, I just can not do it any more!

  4. Lovely you are able to hang your laundry in the fresh air and sunshine. If we did that, our laundry would dry dirtier then when we put it in the washer! You are lucky to live in such a nice area if the world.

  5. But hasn't Saturday been windy-yuk, especially with the heavy horizontal rain around lunchtime.

    I hope you were both safely inside when it hit - like Zebby Cat and me were (confession - we'd snuggled back down into beddy-bize, only to be woken by my Folks phoning to check we were okay).