Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hello Easter Sunday

Have a happy Easter day, we hope the bunny brings you treats. We are thankful for our treats, and awesome sunny day each day of Easter so far, which normally never happens in an April autumn Easter here.
Also that mum is on-call for the hopsital but so far she has been able to pull some weeds, mop the kitchen and bathroom floors, and get a few loads of washing out. Also she has managed to read some of her book and watch one of the CSI episodes she has on dvd.
We are also grateful that mum went to her super hairdresser yesterday, and is happy with the cut and colour today.
We hope you all get to enjoy your day and everybuddy gets some Easter sunbeams.
Poppy and Mum Q


  1. Hello Poppy Q !
    Many thanks for your friendship! You are so kind and your mommy as well!
    Lovely composition in this picture ( we loved your "ears" cute, and that bunny!)
    Glad to see so happy moments! We bet your mommy is so beautiful indeed ! My mommy Léia said that she needs to take a time to go to hairdresser too!But we need to keep it in secret because she said it will be a surprise for my pop! okay!?

    A wonderful Sunday for you!
    Hugs from Luna and mommy

    By the sister Marina loves you too!But you know...she only thinks of her "myspace" now!!Teen things I guess!
    But I bet tomorrow morning she will play if me! :-)

  2. Happy Easter Poppy and mum. Thank you for wishing everyone Easter sunbeams. I am sat in one on our post today.

  3. Happy Easter, Poppy! We love your bunny disguise

  4. Happy Easter, poppy Q. You are a cute bunny!

  5. Happy Easter to you and yours. We hope your mommy gets to stay home with you. purrrrs

    That picture is so cute.

  6. Happy Easter, Poppy and Mum! We hope your day is beautiful:)

    Our dad got home late on Thursday, and he is here until Monday afternoon. We are happy to have him home:)

  7. We will hope for sunbeams but I think we will end up with rain. Happy Easter!

  8. Hey Poppy, it sounds like you had a good day. What a cute Bunny you make.

  9. Happy Easter! You look adorable in bunny ears. Your Kitty Fight Club picture on Misha's blog is absolutely precious!

  10. Happy easter Poppy and Mum!

    Huffle Mawson

  11. Happy Easter, you look so cute as a bunny, but then you are cute.

    Happy Easter from me and my mum and dad. The bunny came early with treats in the post yesterday and they are very yummy.

    Hugs GJ xx

  12. How great that you have enjoyed sun on Easter too! It seems so backwards that such a typical Spring month as April and Spring holiday s Easter can be Autumn somewhere, I always found such matters intriguing.

    You are very cute in your bunny ears, Poppy, and great that your mummy is pleased with her haircut, I bet you're a fine pair together:)

    Have a good contiued weekend with more sun!

  13. Happy Easter!
    You look so adorable in your bunny ears!

  14. Happy Easter, Poppy Q! We are very glad that you have sunshines and that your Mom got a great haircut.

    Mom called to make an appointment to have her hair cut and she has to wait almost a week. Then she went for a pedicure and it was too crowded. So she still has a mop for hair and unpretty toesies.

  15. I hope that your Easter's sunday had been full of treats and that you have had lots and lots of fun and adventures!

    all the best for you and your mommie, Poppy Q! have a beautiful dreams!

  16. Happy Easter to you. We have a nice sunny day here. Have fun.

    from all us cats at Wildcat Woods

  17. Happy Easter to you and your Mum! Poppy-You look so beautiful in your bunny ears-nice photo! I hope you and your Mum get some rest.

  18. You make the cutest Easter Bunny! Glad your mom got to do her hair, my mom needs to get hers done!

  19. Happy Easter! It sounds like you are having a wonderful day.

  20. That is very cute Poppy Q!


  21. You make a very cute bunny! Happy Easter to you and your family.