Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shopping Sunday with Poppy Q

Sittin at home on a cold Sunday, we were browing through Etsy : ETSY is one of our fave websites, as artists all over the world sell their art and products directly to customers. We like to support the artists, and buy many presents and gifts this way rather than all that generic stuff at the mall, that everyone can find in any town. Most sellers are really helpful and keen to customise their items to what the buyer wants.

We hope you like our selections and enjoy your sunday shopping with Poppy Q.

Fit for a princess this gorg cat bed is a little pricey, $600 (US), but a girl can dream. Mum knows if she bought it for me, I would be unlikely to sleep in it, preferring the dirty laundry or a cardboard box. You can find it here:

Diamond cat collars - how posh. These are very sweet and purrfectly modeled. $35 (US), from this seller:

If diamonds are a bit out of your price range, these cute baby/cat scarves are cute and on sale. They are only $10 (US), and you can buy here:

These hand knitted fish toys are cute, and come loaded with nip. At only $5 (US), they are cheap and cheerful and look like fun. Buy them here:

We love these custom pet portraits done with a vintage Victorian edge. They are $45 (US) and you can buy them here:

Another fab way of capturing your cuteness is to have one of these cute cat lifelike toys made. That way you can travel with your beans wherever they go!! They are $160 (US), and you can buy here:

Thanks for shopping with us, we hope you like the things we choose, they made us smile!.


  1. Very posh!
    Hopefully Melvin and I will be opening up our toy shop soon!
    We have to finish up all of the orders that have come in, already, then we'll be making all kinds of fun kitty toys!

    Thank you for your post!

  2. What great finds, Poppy! I especially love those life-sized kittehs. I'd love to see what one of me looks like!

  3. You are such a good and wise shopper Poppy! Mom especially likes that fancy pink bed. But couldn't afford it! Besides I like it under the bed!! That scarf is pretty cool and affordable!

  4. That bed is lovely. We think it would suit Yao-lin

  5. What an excellent shopping adventure. I wonder if I should apply for my own credit card so I can go shopping without mum...

    Huffle Mawson

  6. We love Etsy too. You have a great nose for finding cool designs, Poppy:)

  7. They made us smile too. Mum said the bed and diamond collar werea little too pricey lol. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs GJ xx

  8. Those catnip knitted fish toys look like they!

  9. That's just like a "girl" Poppy Q!
    You don't even have to leave your house anymore! Have fun dreaming:)

  10. Mommy say she likes the bed. But Tommy says Mommy would need to get a job to pay for it. Tommy is on too. She'd didn't make something as crafty as those wonderful item. Tommy did a poem with photo.


  11. Wow! Those are some cool things! That bed is pawsome...but like you, Poppy, we'd just settle for an old box....

  12. Amazing, luxurious red cat bed = fancy scratching post. But we can dream can't we.

  13. I loved seeing the wonderful things you found for us! I think my favorite is the fancy bed.

  14. Those are some fun looking toys. Thanks for scoping them out for us, Poppy Q!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew
    Bugsy, Sassy, Callie, Roxy, and Pixie, and Their Mommy

  15. It was really fun to shop with you. Thanks for spotting all the great deals.

  16. It was really fun to shop with you. Thanks for spotting all the great deals.

  17. Our Mewmie likes Etsy too. Mostly she makes wishlists but every one in a whiles, she buys something.

  18. Those are some pretty amazing things - that bed, most especially.

    We're going to tell our momma about Etsy - maybe she can find some cool toys for us there!

    Tamar and Charlemagne