Saturday, November 28, 2009

Come Christmas Shoping with Me - Saturday Shopping with Pops

As you may know, there are only a few weeks left til Christmas. Mum says she has a few presents bought already, but needs to get a wriggle on. This year, we don't have room for a christmas tree, but have put some decorations up already.

We did a search on ETSY, our favorite shopping site. There are so many wonderful artists selling their fantastic goods, which are delivered to your door, and best of all you can go shopping in your underwear - without leaving the house.

So for the first of our christmas guides, we want to share with you all the sweet decorating items we have found. Happy shopping!!

Advent calender love - Sale - Funky U-Fil...

Fabric bright advent calender love - Funky Numbers Christmas Advent Calendar

Love the linen shabby chic look of this advent calender - advent calendar

Love these cute drawers - Whimsical Christmas Advent Calendar

Simple fabric christmas trees - Merry Jingle Bells Winter White Trio

Stick on tree - MINI Christmas Tree LIMITED EDITION Adhesive Fabric Wall Stickers / Decals
Love these three - Ms Pettibones Trees

Modern tree love - holiday fabric rag topiary tree / 21 inch

Rustic stocking - French Style Burlap Stocking........No. 25

Super love this one - Grandma's Quilt Tree

Beautiful too - Candy Plaid Tree

Super cute - Uncle Harry's Button Tree Set

Wonderful welcome - Country Quilt Wreath

Bright and breezy - holiday rags and button Christmas wreath / 6 inch

We hope you liked our selection. Have a great weekend everybuddy.


  1. For we loved your selection!
    Mommy here bought an advent calendar and there are chocolate behind those little windows!!! Sister Marina can't wait to play with it! :)I'm not chocolate fan I would prefer some cat cookies! yesssssssss!
    Also I loved all decoration for Christmas!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  2. Those are wonderful items! We gotta get mom to do some Esty shopping this year!

  3. Those advent calendars are neat-o!

  4. Love those little trees. We don't have room for a Xmas tree either, and besides, I'd probably pull off all the decorations if we did!

  5. We like the little bear in the advent calendar. We can't wait for mum to put our tree up. I like to climb it but Eric pretends he's not interested. Mum caught him last year stretching up in the middle of it.

  6. We think you made some very nice choices about those etsy items!

  7. Happy Shopping!! I love shopping from home too :-)

  8. You have impeccable taste, Miss Q. You could be a personal shopper for Kirks:)

  9. We love our tree. Mum makes our Christmas all about us- cat friendly. Nothing fussy or breakable, just fun. Thats why we like your holliday selection so much.

  10. We love them too! Fanks for sharing. We gotta get shopping now. But ferst we gonna put on some unnerware an get on da puter. Heeeee hee!

  11. You've selected very beautiful things. Mom hasn't got ANY presents yet, so she's thankful for the reminder.

  12. Thanks for sharing those items Poppy, we especially liked the quilt tree. Our Grandma is a quilter and she would love that.

    We like shopping in our underwear too!

  13. Oh, I like those trees!

  14. That is a lovely selection.. Very different. Mum and I loved the colours. Hugs GJ xx

  15. Those are wonderful Selections. Thanks for sharing

  16. Wow, those are ALL BEAUTIFUL!!!
    ... there are so many great things to be found on Etsy. Every time I go there I get bitten by this crafty, creative bug and think, "I could do that!" ...but so far I never have.

    Thanks for your nice comment on my post! I wasn't even done editing it and I heard the "ping" of a new comment! : ) ...I was adding some funny captions to a couple of the photos. ...mostly making fun of Gloman.

    (Glogirly's cat)