Saturday, April 30, 2011


 Last night mum , her niece and friend stayed up and watched the royal wedding.  It was nice to see such a wonderful happy event, and the girls were impressed.

Today I helped mum read the paper about the events.  Because the paper was soo large, mum spread it out on the bed, and I helped her anchor it down, in case the wind swept in and blew it away.

This afternoon, mum took Miss Belle to the airport and she flew back home with her family, so the house is seems empty and quiet without her.

Mum and I both went out and enjoyed a sprinkle of warm autumn sun, which was lovely but must be a sign that more bad weather is on the way for next week.

We hope you all got to have some fun on your Saturday, and if your day is just beginning, treat yourself.



  1. My day is just ending right now, but I know we are getting some good sunbeams tomorrow!

  2. The mom saw part of it live and part via live-streaming.

    We're glad you had a good visit with Miss Belle, and we're sure you'll adjust to the quieter house and get back to your normal routine soon enough!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  3. Poppy, we hope you get some warmth, because it's only gonna be 60 today here in the desert, brrrrr!

    We hope you don't miss Miss Belle too much.

  4. It's chilly and very windy here but we are enjoying in immensely. In a few days, it will be hot, hot, hot again.

    You are always so sweet and helpful, Poppy dear. We love you.

  5. I'm glad you got some sunbeams!

  6. Glad you had some sunbeams, and that you had a nice visit, Poppy!

  7. WE are clad you got some sunshine! We are expecting rain tomorrow and cooler weather

  8. Hi Poppy!
    Thanks for you well wishes for my vet visit! We haven't visited with you for awhile, and we're real touched you stopped by.
    You're so handsome you outdo the Royalty anyday! Gorgeous pictures !

  9. We are glad you helped with the paper. Your photos were so cute.