Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday News

Well mum had a lovely day at work and went out for a walk on the way home.  She caught two of the neighbors playing on the steps by our house.

She got to meet a sweet friend today.  Blogging is fun, and we are grateful for all of our new friends we have made.

As soon as she got in the door I was begging for my feast.  Mum had the leftover salad that she had made last night, so dinner was easy for her.  She went to plug the laptop on and it was dead.  We think it is the plug,  so mum has ordered another one and will have to continue to post on the phone.

Oh man there are always extra bills to sort.  Still a plug is cheaper than a new laptop so fingers crossed that will fix the problem.


  1. Lovely photos Poppy!x
    And in the lovely sunshine...
    Suns not up over here yet, another
    half hour, and it's gonna be dry
    for the rest of the week...but cold!

  2. Extra bills. Gotta love them. Let's hope the new plug will work and you will be okie dokie
    The sun has been shining here too. Hopefully that means summer is on it's way

  3. Pretty great neighbours to have. :-)

    Fingers and paws crossed the new plug will do the trick. The biped's laptop is about 7 years old now, and when it goes, it'll be a while before there's another one!

  4. Always extra bills - that's true. It's what got me when I owned a house.

  5. Something always needs hard earned money! I recently had to replace the power plug inside my laptop. It was cheaper than a new laptop, but this laptop is coming to its end of life. It previously had the hard drive replaced, too. Three years is the life expectancy of a laptop and mine is nearing five.

  6. poppy Q...wavez two yur naybor who lookz like gram paw dude !!! N we hope all yur momz lap top kneadz izza cord two....♥♥♥

  7. Darn, we sure hope the 'puter plug is the ticket. Cute neighbours Poppy!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. Those are a lot of steps, plus cute cat! Didn't you just get a new puter a little while ago? Hope it is only the plug.

  9. Your neighbors are having fun on the steps. We hate it when the laptop does not work.