Friday, April 4, 2008

Hello friday

You know today is Friday, so it is time for My Friday Friend. Lots of my friends and fambly have not got to meet all the fab cat bloggers out there. So I is going to introduce you to two of my new friends.
  • They lives in Canada, which gets really cold and has snow, but hopefully is beginning to warm up for Spring.
  • One of dem is bright like the sun
  • The other is dark like the night

Did you guess? It is my friends Goldie and Shade from

See Shade is the dark pussycat and Goldie is the apricot floofie kitty. They lives with their big beans (The music man and the Peacemaker), and a couple of sticky beans.

Look at how handsome Goldie is. He looks great sitting by the christmas tree and out in the snow.

I hope you get out into the spring garden and get lots of sunbeams soon Goldie.

Shade is the gorgeous big sister, and she is nine years old. She likes the bathroom sink to sit in!! It's like me, I likes to sit in the bath!

Fank you for being my new friends.

Have a great weekend everycat and bean.

Poppy Q


  1. They are both wonderful friends to have! I hope you have a great weekend Poppy!

  2. Poppy Q, I can't believe we are the Friday Friends! That is so exciting! Thank you so much. I just posted about how blah I was feeling as I wasn't getting adequate blogging time around here but you have me feel much better!!!!

    I am so glad we are furrfriends!

    Your buddies, Shade and Goldie

  3. Another great pick for your FF, Sis! Hope you and your Mum have a wonderful weekend together!

  4. "YaY" it's Goldie and Shade.I love their blog their wonderful kitty's and great friends :)

  5. I know Goldie and Shade! They are very nice cats.

    Happy weekend!

  6. Goldie and Shade are our new friends, too. They are very cool.

    Happy weekend, Poppy Q!

  7. Thank you so much for introducing us to Goldie and Shade. You always pick the best "Friday Friends," and we look forward to it every week!