Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weather Cats Routine

Mum often calls me the weather cat. In the early morning, once I have done my business in the garden, I likes to run inside and jump on her and tell her if it is raining (often between 5-7am).

Now the evenings are getting darker and a bit cooler, I don't go outside to play with my friends. I tend to head to bed at 7pm, to get a little snoozing done before evening patrol.

So at the moment my schedule is:
  • 7pm-10.30pm sleep by myself on mums big bed, or on my little bed in the spare room
  • 10:30-10:40pm evening patrol, and doing my business
  • 10:40pm -6am sleep next to my mum, preferably with me lying over the electric blanket, and her on the cold half of the bed
  • 6am - morning patrol and taking care of business. If raining go inside, jump on mum and call out very very loudly. Then as she is waking, sit on her leg and go to sleep
  • 6:45am Loudly complain that I am ready for breakfast, make her get up and lead her to the bowl, where usually there are plenty of biscuits.
  • 7:10 Sit on spare bed, and watch the street below and everybody going to work.
  • 8:15 am - Stare at mum as she waves at me as she goes to work
  • 8:16 am - Back to snoozeville
  • 5:35 pm - Get ready to sit up when I hear the front gate, just in case she gets home early
  • 5:36 pm - Beg for fancy feast
  • 5:37pm - Need to get some more zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

I hope you enjoyed my day with me. Even though I am an outdoor/indoor cat I don't have too many adventures.



  1. That sounds a lot like my day (except I only go outside in the summer)!

  2. Sounds interesting to us, Poppy. We are prisoners in here except when Mom carries us out for some fresh air.

  3. That is a full schedule you have. Mum knows if it is raining with us too because we like to stay out as late as possible. If it is raining we sit in the middle of the lawn and when she calls us in, she has to towel dry us because we are soaked.
    She doesn't know why we like getting wet but we always have done. She tells us we look like a pair of drowned rats when we come in.

  4. What a lovely and beautiful blogsite you have :))
    Soooooooo nice photo's.........
    and so treu story's ;)
    I have a cat fun blog you are welcome (@^.^@)

  5. It sounds a lot like my day too! Only I go outside and sit in my parsley pot when it's sunny.

    Huffle Mawson

  6. Well Poppy Q, I am impressed! As a Professional Organizer, I talk to people all the time about setting up "routines" and it looks like you have yours down!

    I love that you sleep with your Mum-I was reading a blog post the other day about cool cat beds and I thought it was just plain wrong. Cats are supposed to sleep with their owners, not in a cat bed! My Wiggles sleeps with me too, as it should be!

    Have a great day. I hope you have a little "adventure" today.

  7. Hi Poppy, thank you for visiting us. It sounds like you have a pretty nice schedule.That sleeping on the electric blanket part sounds nice.

  8. Hi Poppy! We are happy to meet you. Our schedule is very similar: lots of sleep time so we can pester the humans when they are home.

    Purrs from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

  9. Poppy! Seems like we have a similar schedule!

    Snoozville is marvellous!

  10. We like your schedule. Patrol is so important, almost important as sleep!

    Abby & Stygia

  11. Poppy!?! how busy cat you are! I'm impressed! nice cat! you help your mommie doing this, believe me! very good! I loved Snoozville!

    a kiss for you and her!

    all the best for you tomorrow, dear!

  12. Poppy Q, you have an excellent routine! I like how you make sure YOUR needs are met first ;-)

  13. I think you are the bestest of weather cats and the bestest at letting your Mum know what's going on before she has to go out and face the world without you! :) xxx

  14. Hey dat's cool to see what yur schedule is. Yoo has a nice sleepin frew da night time wif yur Mum.
    Dat gives us an idea of a post fur us to do. We gets up earlier den yoo, usually at 4AM for a mornin' patrol.

  15. Your day sounds like fun! It's so nice of you to let your mom know if it's raining! I bet my owner girl wished I would do that, then she wouldn't have to check the weather on the tv!
    :) Tibby

  16. I think your day sounds very interesting. I often wonder what it would be like to go outside once in awhile.

  17. EatSleepEatSleepEatSleep.

    Cats do it right. They don't bother with the silly stuff, like
    going to work;)


  18. I thinks your day sounds heaps interesting and just perfect!
    haha but I thinks you should let your momma sleep more ( momma made-ed me say that) :P haha