Monday, May 11, 2009


Mum went shopping for us this afternoon. She thought she would try this new brand of stinky stuff, because it was on special and she thought I might like it. This was the first flavour she opened : - It was called tender beef morsels, made by Select at Woolworths.
  • when she opened it it was very runny and looked a bit like, you know - the runs.
  • it didn't smell too bad, and I went and sniffed it - and then ran away.
  • So mum had to throw it out.
  • She opened a second can, to see if it was the same, and it was.

So, mum looked at the label and we have emailed the Woolworths head office to put our complaint in. We will let you know if they reply and what they say. Now she has bought me some other flavours to try and I will let you know how we go with them.

Poppy Q - investigative reporter cat.

Nom, nom, nom scale: 0/5


Within the hour we received this:

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your email regarding select brand cat food.
Any complaint of this nature is of significant concern to Progressive Enterprises and I appreciate you bringing this to our attention.
I have forwarded your concerns on to the manufacturer and we will monitor this situation to ensure that our standards are being met.
Can you please advise us of the best before date and batch number where applicable.
Once again, thank you for contacting us and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

Good on them for passing the message on. I guess the main things we are voting with our wallets and won't buy any again.


  1. When will humans learn. There is no substitute for Fancy Feast!

  2. My mom likes to experiment too sometimes just to see if I will eat it!

  3. Sorry your new stinky goodness was non nom-a-ble.

  4. Yuk! We wouldn't want to eat Stinky Goodness that looked like the runs. We will only eat Gourmet Pearl, no other type at all! We have had Fancy Feast in prize packages and we love that, but we can only have it when the Beans go to America.
    Woolworths in the UK went bankrupt and closed all their branches.

  5. Oh I amglad you turned your swet nose up and didn't eat that stuff. If it looked bad it probaby was. We know what we like.

    Hugs GJ xx

  6. We couldn't help but laugh at your food review, Poppy. You described it in a very vivid manner:)

    We are happy to hear that you got a response from Woolies.

  7. Mom stopped trying new foods after a year or so... we only like our Fancy Feast. We do make an exception for the extra-fancy Fancy Feast, of course. But we only get that once in a great while.

  8. Your mum will have to go back to the Fancy Feast. My mum bought me Dine once but I didn't like it.

    Huffle Mawson

  9. Sorry to hear you got bad food. I'm a Fancy Feast cat too, like others who commented.

  10. Hey Miss Poppy, momma has tried some of that food with me too.. I like the lamb with spinach and rice and the chicken and Tuna and even another one momma can't think of right now.
    They was not "morsel" ones but they was yummy.
    Momma gives me lots of different brands of foods a cause she does not know which one is best so she mixes them all up so if one is bad I won't get too much of it.
    Maybe your momma could try a different flavour? :))

  11. Goof for you writing in to let them know about their product. We hope you get a real answer from someone that can fix the problem. Mom brought home new kibble, by Nature. it is suppose to be grain free or have less grain. It is still setting in the extra food dish! We did try it but won't eat it even when our regular bowls are empty!

  12. hello beauty Poppy Q!
    Many thanks for advice us about it!Sometimes mommy try some new brand too and It drives me crazy!
    purrs from Brazil
    ( and mommy Léia )

  13. My Mom give me always the same :(
    But I eat nothing else HEHE
    At the moment I eat nothing,
    I'am feeling not well today :(
    purss Kareltje

  14. Poppy Q, I am sorry your new foods were No Good! But it was good that your mom wrote to the makers so they can be aware of things like this.

  15. A much better business tactic would have been to offer to reimburse what you spent on the bad food.

  16. Eewww. That sounds like very yucky stinky goodness.

  17. That sucks! Maybe the next flavor will be better.


    Purrs Goldie, Shade and Banshee

  18. My mom has tried different stinky goodness on me and she just wastes her green papers!

  19. That'll teach your mom not to try new food on you! We hope you hear from the manufacturer...they need to know if their food is not good...

  20. Your experience makes me glad I don't eat stinky goodness.

  21. As dad would say, thanks for nothing. Well, shopping with your wallet is the way to go.


  22. ... looked like the runs...

    You gotta wonder about "quality control" at THAT factory!!!!

  23. If it does not say Fancy Feast on the can, throw it out!