Saturday, May 23, 2009

We want to send out special thanks to a super lady. Barb, the mum of our gorgeous grey guys at Gandalf and Grayson’s blog , well she has been a hero this week. She helped to rescue Whitey, a dude who was down on his luck and living rough. Poor Whitey had had a big abscess that burst, so he was a bit sick too. Well Barb, took in the groovey fella, got him off to the vet and then brought him back to her office for some loving and some fancy feast.

So we wanted to say thanks to you Miss Barb. The story of Whitey has touched our hearts, and the world is a better place beacuse of folks like you.

PS - they still haven't caught the folks who had $10 million put into their account accidently. ALL of our friends said they would do the honest thing and return the money, and yes, appartently you have to return the interest too. We will keep you posted on this story!!


  1. Yay for Barb! She is a good lady.

    Huffle Mawson

  2. Hooray for Barb! Seeing the photos of Whitey having such great care taken of him, especially after what he has been through, makes us very happy. We love you, Barb!:)

    We think the people who went on the runner are pretty silly. It's just not worth it, and karma will get them somehow.

  3. The story of Whitey realy touched my heart.

    Those people on the run are stupid, they will be caught, and will it have been worth it...

    Hugs GJ xx

  4. Dang, the interest to. Hm, might have to rethink what I previously thought about returning it! Nope, I'd still tell them and return it. But the dreams I'd dream....

  5. Barb is a pawsome kitty mom! Yay!!

  6. Wonderful post! Well done !
    Love and purrs from Brazil

  7. ohmygosh, Poppy Q! Mom is overwhelmed by all the fuss. Thank you for your kind words!

    It's just a matter of time before they catch the $10 millions... and they peoples carrying it.

  8. Whitewas a lucky kitty to find the lovely Barb!

  9. Hiep hiep hoeraaaaaaa
    for Barb, great job ^___^

    Have a puurfect weekend
    Kareltje & Anya

  10. Barb sounds like a great person!!! You are so nice to honor her!

    Hmmm!! Those were bad people who run with the monies!! We think they will eventually get caught!