Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rushing Around

I helped my mum do some chores today, we rushed around, washed her uniforms and put some stuff away. Then she went to the movies to see Coraline and then (500) Days of Summer. She enjoyed both, but not the earthquake we had before she went into the second movie. Don't worry it was just a little shake, but enough to unnerve mum a bit.

Now she is home, we are going to do a little rush around again. Just to get the bed made and the groceries away. We hope you don't have too much rushing around this weekend and get plenty of relaxing time.

By the way, sorry to whine about the weather, but it is unseasonably cold here still. Gloves and scarves weather. So we are going to layer up the blankies on the bed tonight. Sweet dreams everybuddy.


  1. I'd be unnerved about a shake too, not matter how small. Visions of the ground opening up and swallowing people! Sounds like you both got a lot done. Have a great weekend


  2. Poppy, we do not blame you for being annoyed at the weather. It was only 10 degrees here yesterday!Much too chilly for our taste. You are a good ladycat to help your mum rush about. We just sit and sneer at mum when she has things to do.

  3. Busy and bees!!! Well, I just finished writing my review on "Cat Lover's Daily Companion" Poppy Q, so if you want to know more about the book, come on by! Also, I even mentioned you in my review!
    your pal,

  4. We loved Coraline. The cat in it was pawsome!

    I am totally over this weather too. At this time of year I'm normally sunning myself on the deck, not huddling by the heater!

  5. I'm still ofFURing some of my floof if woo need it!


  6. Poppy, you are rushing so much you are just a blur! Extra blankies on the bed...YAHOO!

  7. It is getting cool here too and will get colder soon. However it's nice to snuggle in blankets.

    I recommend you the photos from this blog for ...escape in a world of dreams and nice things
    hugs for my friend-everybody has ..unpleasant moments

  9. Hi Miss Poppy,

    Sounds like a busy weekend but glad your mum got to go the movies too. My mama loved Coraline. You sound like a great help to your mum. Mine wishes I would help out more.



  10. Mum has been rushing around a lot today too. She is done now. It is getting colder here too, will freeze tonight and kill the plants outside.

  11. Oh wow a shake. My mum would be unnerved too.. You are so good to help your mum..we are having quite cold days here too.. Keep safe.. Hugs GJ xx

  12. We all get a bit upset with the weather so you are certainly allowed to voice your opinion. Mr. Sun is overdue in sending out his lovely warm rays. Wake up Mr. Sun! Poppy Q needs a visit!

  13. Hi Poppy
    Thank you for stopping by to say hi!
    Burr- your so right- the weather is chilly willy- even for a pug!
    I have 4 or 5 kitty brothers and sisters- and they all agree.
    Baby its cold outside!

  14. It sounds like you and your mum had a very busy day. Your mum is very lucky to have such a good helper. We're glad the earthquake was minor and you are both okay.

  15. We are having the same bad weather here too. The summer has been the coolest since records were kept and not October is below normal temperatures for this time of the year. I think it is only going to get worse though. Snuggle up and keep warm.

  16. Earthquake??!? Even a little shake would bother us!! Guess you all were too busy rushing around to let it bother you!

  17. U really look in a hurry, Poppy!