Thursday, October 1, 2009

Diet Time

This is my concerned face. The first concern I have is that I got a report card from the cat motel.

It said I was overweight - and they had been feeding me diet biscuits for breakfast and only a half can of the fancy feast for dinner. So since I has been home, mum has scrapped the diet biscuits - I'm back on the full fat baby. But, she thinks the half can at night is a good idea as I often just pick at it. So my weight is 5.6 kilograms, and mum thinks I could just lose a little bit.

She is going to join me though, and try and watch what she eats. As she could do with losing some too.

- Thank you all for being concerned for us after the earthquake and tsunamis in Samoa. Really we are all super safe in New Zealand. However Samoa has been torn apart, and many many families are hungry and without shelter. We are going to donate some money through the New Zealand Red cross, who will use 100% of the donation money to help the Samoans. You can visit their website here


  1. Poppy, we don't think you need a diet at all, but if you are gonna be on one, at least your mum is going to join's better to diet with someone!

    And we are glad you are safe but we are purraying for all of those in Samoa who have been affetcted by the terrible earthquake and tsunamis...

  2. Ohhhhh not the "D" word! And really, the cheek of that hotel!

  3. Having your Mom diet too will make it easier for you Miss Poppy!

  4. Do you know, I got put on a diet, and I actually got HEAVIER! But now the vet says I am not fat. I had a growth spurt, apparently. Mum is confused.

    You're a sweetie, Poppy.

  5. Diet is a bad word. Good luck!

  6. Don't hotels know that they are for relaxing? And finding out you're a bit too stout for "their" ideals is NOT relaxing at all! I think you look beautiful as always, Poppy!

  7. You sure do look concerned! I hate the diet word. Mommy could loose 40 lbs easy, but I won't tell her that.

  8. Poppy, you're just very fluffy! hehehe... so good to know that you and your mommie are fine! here in Brazil there are strong winds, storms, floods and the persons are suffering too... we wait that this rain finishes soon...

    all the best for you, dear! have sweet dreams!

  9. My weight is 5900 gr
    I am on a diet now :((((((
    Its not funny PoppyQ
    My Vet sad I must go to 5400 gr :(
    ( I have a big belly ;)
    Kareltje =^.^=

  10. Glad the tsunami didn't effect your part of the world and that you are safe. Great idea to donate to help others...very sweet of you Poppy.

    The dieting is tricky and not a lot of fun. Tanner is working hard to lose weight, but seems to gain some weeks. We are being more diligent now with watching his snacks.

  11. Poppy, my mum says that the best way to lose weight is to eat foods that don't have any grains in them! (she says that grains are carbohydrates and kitties need meat and not grains.) The best part about these sorts of foods is that they are EXTRA tasty without the grains. So maybe you could try that? :)

  12. We don't think you need to diet, there's more of you to love, but if you must, at least you have company doing it with you! We wish you and mum all the best! Our mom keeps saying she has to shed some weight (that's sounds furry weird to us, since we shed our furs, not body fat!) And, we think donating to the Red Cross is a wonderful thing! We have an award for you today!!! :o)

  13. Nooooooo, not the "D" word! That's terrible. Mean ol' pet hotel place.

    We're glad you're okay!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  14. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I can't wait to hear how this 'diet' thing goes. (Diet? Erg. In his prime, Mr. Bufus the Maine Coon cat who rule my house was 28 lbs - now that he's old (19) he's dropped a bunch of weight, but that's because he's old, not because of any silly 'diet'.) Good luck, and I'm glad you aren't getting washed away!

    *kissey face*

  15. I would be concerned too, Poppy. My mama has tried diets with me in the past, but they didn't work. That's probably because neither of us was very disciplined. Anyway, good luck with yours and to your mum too. Thanks for the donation idea for Somoa. We are praying for them too.



  16. You don't need a diet you are puuuuurfect just the way you. I wouldn't go back to that stupid motel ever again. I would find a new one.
    Glad you are safe from the bad earthquakes and all.

  17. I think you look about the right weight to me!

  18. :)
    Well..if the medicine man said will follow a somehow difficult period for you
    But it will end in the end
    I hope you are well now

  19. There is nothing wrong with a full figured girl! You're georgeous, honey. Don't let them tell you anything different.

  20. We don't think you're overweight Poppy. But good luck with the diet!

    Glad to hear you're safe and well!

  21. Hi Poppy!! When Ninja got diabetes, mom found out that fat doesn't make cats fat, carbohydrates and grains do! Who's a thought it!! Anyway, mom put her on an all wet food (low carbohydrate Fancy Feast flavors) and no more dry food and guess what - she lost 2 lbs in about 1 year! And, after just a short course of insulin treatment, she never had to have insulin again! Something to think about!

    Boots, Ozzie & Brenda

  22. Poppy, I think you are supposed to look round and cuddly!

  23. Mom has us on diet food too ... what is with that ?

  24. and don't feel bad, poppy dearest, all three of us cats here are on what mum calls "diet" food
    there has been too much earth shaking the last couple days - *knock on wood* hope it's over and everyone you know is safe and well.

  25. Hi Poppy Q, thank you for visiting our site. It is very nice meeting you. It is nice that your Mum is going to diet with you, although I think you just have to much fur and that's what makes people think you are bigger than you are. It is so terrible about Samoa then in the same 24 hours Indonesia.


  26. Diet, what's that? We're sorry that you'll be getting less food, but glad that your mum is going to join you.

    Sending purrs for all of those affected by the tsunami,

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  27. How ruuuuude! You don't weigh any more than I do and I'm a top cat model, after all!

  28. We think you look just purrfect as you are Poppy.

  29. I think you should scrap that hotel! A report card! How insulting. I think you are beautiful and lovable and cuddly and soft and ahhhh I wish I lived closer.

  30. Sorry your mum thinks you need a diet. Glad you are safe, the pictures on the moving picture box of the Samoa area and the earthquakes in Indonesia are hard to watch for the damage and loss of life.

  31. oh, look at Jasmin [some posts before]! she is fat, not you.

    you're just, well, just one cat must be.
    with prestige.

  32. Love your concerned face. I get the same look as you when I hear the word "diet".

    I put my Wiggles on a diet too, now that he is considered a "senior" cat. He loves Fancy Feast too!

  33. Dearest Poppy I have been following the storms and see that you have been safe in Kiwi land. We purrrr for those in the harms way...this is so putting you on a diet!!!??? The nerve of those people!
    You are purrrrfectly beautiful!
    Love Miss Peach

  34. it is so annoying with uneducated vets who obviously don't know that different breeds have very different sizes, bones and weights! a bsh girl usually weighs around 5-6 kg, and a big boy up to 10.

    you look adorable and perfect, poppy q!

  35. Poppy your weight looks just fine to me - I don't think you need a diet at all!