Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Last Years Snow Caused All the Leaves to Fall Off Our Trees


  1. If it were to ever snow here, I think all our flora and fauna would totally freak out - I think the last time there was snow on the ground in my city was 50 years ago!

  2. What tricky snow. We are wondering if it ever snows here after dad found out the recorded low where we live is -3 degrees. Not good for a couple of Queenslanders.

    We're happy to hear that little scruffy dog has been reunited with his family. High fives to your mum for helping it happen :)

  3. Hopefully, we will never see snow here. I did not move back to New England from the south specifically so I wouldn't have to deal with cold and snow and ice and... Ack.

    Hope your trees are only suffering a short reaction and that it's not a permanent problem for the tree and other summer growth.

  4. Gees, here we're just waiting for it to warm up enough that it won't snow again till next November/December. LOL.

    We assume the leaves on your trees will grow back!