Friday, August 9, 2013


So this morning, the mumster plugged her new GHDs in and got her hair nice and straighter and much tidier.  She did not look like a crazy person who had slept in a bush all night - phewwww.

She even went out this evening, into the city to meet her friends for drinks.  It did involve one of her least favorite things, going to a crowded bar and having to wait alone til her friends arrived.   She doesn't like that, as she doesn't feel like she fits in with the city crowds.  Luckily her friends were only about 5 minutes behind her, and they had such a good time catching up that in the end she enjoyed her evening.  She wonders why some of the nights you really look forward too can turn out to be a flop, but the ones you would rather stay at home and stay on the couch can surprise you by being fun.

She did feed me before she went, but cos she got home late, I am trying for dinner number 2.


  1. When l see you sitting on that path Poppy! I always think your sitting on railway lines...! HeHe! x

    Glad Mum, has straightened her self out....!!!! At last!!!! :>)

  2. So glad you enjoyed your gals night out, Julie!

    And good job you didn't forget to feed Miss Pops! haha!

    big hugs xoxo

  3. We're glad your mum had a good hair day and have a fun evening to boot! And we sure hope you got supper #2!

  4. Absolutely, Poppy Q! It's always worth a shot at it :)

  5. Maybe that should be a Cat Rule, that when a human goes out for the evening, the cat gets two dinners.

  6. poppy q...dinner number two !!????

    better make that dinner number 7 N we dunno why yur mom feelz bad bout lookin like her bee sleepin in a bush...kittehs due it all de time....


    hope ewe haza grate flounder filled week oh end ~~~

  7. I'm happiest at home, hate crowds and city life. Saying that I'm in Wellington both Saturday and Sunday.

    Hope Poppy Q got a snack.
    Love Leanne

  8. Glad your mum got her hair sorted and had a good night out.
    We liked your comment on our flashback and really wish so much that we could grow another Eric. We miss him so much.

  9. No matter how simple I like my life I don't think I could go without my straighter. I don't use the dryer leaving it to dry naturally but then I have to use the straightener to flatten it and tame it.
    Good try on the 2nd dinner, I wonder if you succeeded.

  10. Mum isn't the party in the bar type person.

  11. Mom says there is no better day than one with good hair and fun with friends.

    We say we agree with you Poppy, a good day would be one with a second dinner, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  12. Glad your Mum had a fun night out. I am a lot like your Mum; I don't like waiting alone either. LOL on going for dinner #2-you sound a lot like my cat Wiggles; he stands (and sometimes lies down) by his bowl hoping for "extras". P.S. Pretty photo of you Poppy Q.