Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Lots of rain has been pouring down at Chez Q.  In fact, mum hasn't watered the garden since about February of this year, since the drought finished.  Because I pop outside to do my business in the garden, I get to catch the odd shower or two, which mum says is good as it helps to clean my furs.

Still it is a good excuse for us to relax in the living room.  Mum had some pork and her usual carrot, parsnip and swede mash with enough leftovers for tomorrow night.  Some tele watching, a bit of book reading and then off to snoozeville for the mumster.  I surprised her by sleeping next to her last night, all night which is unusual for me.  I usually only want to snuggle for an hour, and then wander off to sleep elsewhere by myself.


  1. Maybe it's something in the air, Poppy - my human was surprised because I spent an extra long time lying on top of her last night!

  2. Want to know a scret, Miss Pops? I do not much care for anyone touching me when I'm sleeping... unlike the Gs. Bugger for me.

    Have a lovely day, lovely ladies!

  3. I hate rain Poppy....
    I know it's good for the garden..But, l hate gett'in wet....Wish it would just rain night times! When l'm asleep!x

  4. Suey has been super snuggly today, too. We think Sparkle is right about there being something in the air.

  5. Hi Poppy,

    We're getting lots of rain this year too...it's great snuggling weather.

  6. Maybe your mum was sleeping more soundly than usual. My cats won't sleep with me because I move around too much.

  7. poppy q....pleez say yur mum gived ewe sum pork !!

    hhhhhmmmmmm....pork chopz :)

    all most az good az butter :)

    butter lover boomer o cat ~~~~~~~

  8. We'd love some nice, soft rains. Actually, we'd enjoy any rains. Anything to cool our relentless heat!
    We sleep in our mum's bed all the time. She spends a fairly lot of her night cliffhanging on the edge. We're bed hogs!

  9. We sleep with mum in the winter when we want to suck up her heat.