Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dear Shoppers,
My mum says some of you should hide your heads in shame. If you is going to go shopping in the madness, that is the post christmas buying frenzy, do not:
  • Return equipment minus five small screws when there are 15 people waiting behind you at the till.
  • Decide to swap your ten dollar doormat for another one when people are lined up behind you.
  • Please don't be rude to the cashier, they are only trying to help you.

Just calm down and relax, mum says. It was Saturday, it was sunny and she thinks that people should just be nice, especially if you are the one out shopping and not having to work. Enjoy it, don't be nasty.

So mums plans are to stay away from the stores, join me at home between work and just relax in the sun.

We are enjoying every little bit of sun, and thinking of all of our friends who are buried in snow. Keep warm and cozy everybuddy.


  1. Well said! Mum said that people can get pretty crazy searching for a 'bargain' - it's so not worth it. She stayed home with us too, instead of fighting through the crowds, so we had a relaxing time at home too.

    Enjoy your time hanging out in the sun,


    Gypsy & Tasha

    PS Please drop in on your near neighbours, the Famous Five, 'cos we think that the Mum could at the very least use some encouragement.

  2. There is no way our mum would be going to the sales. She hates shopping at the best of times. She gets most things online and may go into town about twice a year if she has too. She says that is twice too often.

  3. Mum is not a fan of the sales. She doesn't like all the pushing about. Saving $10 is not worth abandoning all human courtesy! Mum and Dad had to go and swap a present that was faulty today, and they couldn't get out of the shops fast enough!

  4. Mom really, really, really does not to shop ever, but especially at this time of year! Crazy, rude peoples are everywhere!

  5. Our mom better read your shopping rules, Poppy!

    All our snow is melting today! They're predicting flooding...can you believe that??!?

  6. Poppy, you are so right! It's especially good to be nice to the cashiers and all the store people, 'cause they're havin' to work the day after the holiday and that's no fun!

    Merry Christmas, Poppy Q! and to your family, too!

  7. Steer clear of the stores! We do our best to sit on our mom and dad so they can't go anywhere...all they need is us.

  8. My Mommie buys most things on-line so she does not have to deal with all the crowds!

  9. Owr beans stayed home wif us too. There are no bargains owt there worth it to join in the crowds. We did send owr Dad owt to go hunting for us tho. We has to haf owr chick-hen! Enjoy da sun. Sunbeams are so nice. We has fog today coz it is warmer dan da snow so dat white stuff is melting.

  10. Our humans say your Mum is right about avoiding the crowds after Christmas. We think they have finally learned something from us cats about life and how to live it!

    And hey, it's supposed to be 60 degrees (15 C) here tomorrow in Pennsylvania!

  11. Gee mum went to the store to return something today. No line, it took under 5 minutes. On the way out she found two shirts for Grampie. Total time in store, maybe 20 minutes. It was like NO ONE was around. Zip in and zip back out. She hates the crowds but with the economy in the dumps, hardly anyone is shopping, even the sales.

  12. People should follow your rule about being nice all the time, Poppy.

  13. OHh Miss Poppy but Momma went to the stores one day and were nice, though not to return anything. Momma and dadda buy their pressies for each others when the sales are on so they went Christmas shopping :P
    Ohh then we went to the warehouses after Christmas.. my my that is something your Momma just HAS to check out! :))


  14. Sound advice from your Mum Poppy! Our humans hate shopping and the manic greed-fest of the sales too. Something happens to some people when they go shopping, Mum hates it when shoppers are so rude to the shop staff.

    We are glad you had a nice Christmas Poppy & Mum and we all wish you a Happy New Year!
    Enjoy the sun!

    Whicky & Family