Sunday, December 7, 2008

What to buy your bean for christmas

Welcome to our guide for buying a present for your bean. Mum has helped me chose the presents from Etsy We love Etsy. All the things we have bought from sellers there have been awesome. Artists around the world sell their wares, there is no bidding like ebay, they set a price and you buy now. Mum has found that if you want something custom made, most sellers will do anything in the shape, style and colour you want, if you give them enough time. We like to support people who make their own stuff, and we hope you find something you like.

Please enjoy looking, and if you can help out we ask that you spare a few christmas dollars to help our friends in need this holiday season.

We like this sweet pillow from, only $22 (US), sitting on such a nice chair too.

This is a beautiful vanilla soap, and mum says a nice gift. This seller makes some amazing soaps that look too good to use,

For our friends who like to read, like my mum. This seller is from Paris , oh la la and makes these sweet book marks from her art. They are only $6 (US).

Snuggly merino armwarmers made in New Zealand!! Mum has a pair of these in black, and she says they were great in the winter especially typing in her cold bedroom. You can find them here

This artist does the cutest hand made stamps at You can also get sweet ones custom made with a name, pefect as a present and this one is only $11 (US).

This lovely print, is from a kiwi girl who makes art at her kitchen table. Her beautiful prints are only $18 (US), and all so sweet. You can visit her Etsy shop here

My mum loves a bag, oh yes she does. This one is cute with the grey and white flowers. From this fab seller

Stunning silver stackable rings by . They come in a variety of colours and gemstones, these three are called Storm.

These little sweet silver earrings come from this seller

This is Ulla. A very sweet softie, who looks like she needs to escape from that cage.

This is one of mums other fave bags in denim. It looks perfect for lugging all the work stuff around, and would look just as good going out at night. She also makes the same style inn other colours, yummy.

A sweet little cotton scarf with raindrops patterns, perfect for keeping your beans neck warm on those cold winter nights. This seller also does a nice range of tops too.

This is just a small range of some of the fantastic items that you can buy on ETSY, and all were for sale today. The great thing is you can shop from home, and they all will be delivered to your doorstep!

Happy browsing.


  1. These are some great selections, Poppy. Mum really likes the arm warmers- what a great idea. And she is passing on the seller info for the rings to dad ;)

  2. What lovely gifts you have selected. Arm warmers are a very good idea.

    Have a lovely Sunday Poppy & Mum


  3. Those are some lovely gift ideas Poppy. We like the kitty stamp. We told mum it would be nice for next years Chris Mouse cards.

  4. Poppy, you have very good taste. We love Etsy too!

  5. Wonderful selection, Poppy. The wide offer at Etsy can be overwhelming so you gave furry good "entry". Our mum likes the scarf...

  6. Poppy, my favorite thing you show is the black&white checked SOFA in the first picture!!

    People #1 loves b&w, and I love scratching!

    Paws 'n Claws,

  7. Oh wow! Such beautiful things! On Saturday, Kate went to something called the Mothers Market, which is a market held by a group of local designers and 'makers' who make a lot of beautiful, Etsy-type stuff. They have a blog with links to the individual makers' websites:

  8. Hi Poppy,
    I wanted to look at the bookmarks but the link is for the handwarmers. However, I might buy some of those too.
    Can you see if you can find the bookmark link?

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