Saturday, December 13, 2008


My G'dad went home today. He dropped mum into town for her hair appointment, pity she got the day wrong - her appointment was for Sunday not Saturday, hahaha!!!

As soon as G'dad went I spent the afternoon rolling around on the bed he slep in, soaking up the smells. Maybes visitors aren't so bad.

Have a nice weekend everybuddy. We know lots of our northern friends have snow, we have lots of sun forecast so we will soak up some sunbeams for you.


  1. Haha, that's the sort of thing our mum would do. Enjoy your sunshine. We are getting torrential rain.....AGAIN!!!

  2. Wish I could be rollin' around there with ya!

  3. That sounds like something our mum would do:)

    We are happy that you enjoyed having your G'dad to stay.

  4. Dearest Poppy,
    We gots to has been a while since we have leaved a comment...mommy has not been feelin' so good so we have been busy tendin' to her. We are glad you had a good visit with your G'dad! And, we hope you enjoy your sunshiny weekend! It is very very cold here...we are actually kinda glad...we are gonna snuggle up with mommy all weekend long unnerneath the covers!!!

    Take care!
    The Whiskers and Purrs Gang

  5. Wow Poppy, rolling around in sunbeams...we are supposed to get an arctic storm coming through...Jonesie won't even be able to go outside. Brrrr....
    Enjoy the warmth!

  6. Sniff, sniff, what sort of smells have you got there. I love soaking up the smells too. FAZ

    p.s. we've tagged you for a photo Meme

  7. Mom's missed her hair appointment by being late a week. She felt really badly for standing up the stylist.