Thursday, January 15, 2009

Daisy the Curly Cat is our Number One Winner

Daisy you are the number one wonderblogger in our world. Thanks for making us smile everyday and providing us with such great daily entertainment. We love you Daisy and Harley.


  1. We agree that Daisy is the best.

    Thanks for your advice about Dante. We have been using the water spray bottle on him, it works a little, but it doesn't deter him from lunging after the other cats again and again. The second he sees the other cats, he gets really enraged. It scares me a bit. But by himself, he can be a sweetheart. He bites us humans too. I just hope he gets better.

  2. Hooray for Daisy, Harley and their Mommie. They are fantastic! :)

  3. Ah, thank you so much Poppy Q! I feel like a real winner because I have kind friends like you.

  4. Good one Poppy! Daisy and da gang are wonnerful.
    Hey, we gotted yur card an wanted to fank yoo furry much. Dad lufs seein stamps from anofur country an yur pretty face is soooooo cute on da front of da card. We keepin it up fur a while.

  5. You Rock Daisy !!

    Smokey(ILM), Mishka, Mila, Zateynik (BJ)'s Mommy

    Jackie - from Minnesota !!!