Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A very wordy Wednesday

You have seen this picture of me before, but we still like it so while the picture situation is getting solved, you will be seeing outtakes of my life.
Now the visitors have departed, I am spreading myself out on every sleeping surface. I do like to sleep between my mums kness for a while, but I usually end up catching 400 winks in the spare room (my room).
Like our mate Pablo in Tassie, Australia it hasn't been much of a summer. It is warmish, and we are not complaining as we know so many of our blogging friends are surrounded by snow, and feel like Eskimos at the moment. It is just that we have had lots of cloud and wind. We want to see some sun, and feel it warm our furs (and mums footsies).
We hope you are all keeping warm/or cold depending on where in the world you are.


  1. Sleeping between my mom's knees is my favorite place to sleep, too! I consider her to be MINE.

    Abby Normal

  2. Is your mum is having trouble putting her photos on the new laptop?
    Our mum backs our photos to USB flash drives then if she wants to move them from the PC to the laptop or vice versa, she just has to plug the flash drive in a USB port. Just a suggestion.
    It is very cold here. Last night it was -10c which is much colder than normal for us. No snow though.

  3. Hi Poppy! We hope you get some nice sun on your furs soon. Our weather is very humid at the moment. We sit around sweating our tails off here.

    We hope your mum is enjoying finding her way around her new computer:)

  4. Hey Poppy Q, hope you warm up soon! I'll send some purrs to the sun to tell him to shine on you!


  5. Even though our temperatures have been pleasant: 60s - 70s, it has been cloudy and wet.

    Good luck getting the pictures on the computer.

  6. We won't even comment on the weather here in Chicago. Too depressing!

    Minchie's favorite place to fall asleep is also between Mom's knees while she's on the recliner. They help keep each other toasty warm.

  7. I know what you mean. Even when it is cold out, it is much better when the sun is shining.

  8. We love to sleep between the bean's legs. We love to especially sleep on their tummy too, but they don't like that much.

  9. It is pretty cold here and I am a under-the-covers-behind knees kind of cat.

    Hope your photo problems get fixed soon!

    Purrs Shade

  10. Ohh you can recycle that picture all you want sweet Poppy, it is adorable!
    As for the weather.. I know I am late posting but for the past 3 days we has had heat in the 40s!! OUCH! :(


  11. Glad you are warmish, we are cold with snow showers and more snow coming on Friday.

  12. Glad you are warmish. I'm freezin' my furs off!