Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hiya friends

We are back from holidays. Mum went away to christchurch for a holiday, which is a pretty city in the South Island of New Zealand. Even though it was sunny and warm, on Saturday there was hail, then thunders and lightening and this waterspout just off the coast. Watch out surfers!!

Luckily I got to stay at the local cat motel. Boy am I pleased to be home with my own biscuit supplier. When mum got home from work at 10pm tonight, I was out on the road playing with a hedgehog in the gutter - ahhh the life of an inside/outside spoiled cat.

We look forward to catching up with everybuddy soon, but first we have to catch some sleeps.


  1. Welcome home, Poppy! That waterspout looks very scary. We will use it as further evidence to prove water and baths are no good. We hope your mum had lots of fun in Christchurch. Mum went there a few years ago, and remembers how pretty it is.

  2. That would have been a wonderful trip. That photo is pretty amazing!!

  3. Glad ta meet u Poppy!

    dat watur spout looks suspishully likes a turnadoh... but den weze in kansas!

    looks like ur mummy hads a good time in Christchurch. Mawmee likes oceans... I dont get it.

    howevfur i likes dippin my paw in da watur bowl n usin it likes a cup fur a nise drink.

    katie too.

  4. Welcome back Poppy Q, hope your Mum had a great time away. That waterspout looks scary to us. Did the hedgehog roll up into a ball when you played with it?

    Watch out for fleas, hedgehogs have loads in the UK!

    Whicky Wuudler

  5. Welcome home, Poppy! I'd love to see you play with that hedgehog.

  6. We're glad you are home! Rest up and we'll see you soon!

  7. Yayyy!!! Glad to see you back Poppy. We hope your mum had a wonderful time.

  8. That photo is amazing! We're glad you're back, Poppy Q!

  9. Great photo, soudns like a fab holiday!

    Playing with a hedgehog in the gutter, nah, poor hedgie and what were you thinking roaming the streets like that:/

  10. That's a cool photo your Mum took :-D