Wednesday, February 4, 2009


In this fancy shop, in this fancy little town, there was a fancy french bed in the middle of the shop. On top of the fancy quilts, that cost a fancy price, was the lovely meezer cat that comes to work every day with her beans. We hope she gets paid well.


  1. Our mum thinks it's a shame you don't see shop kittys around anymore. We think it's good, or her shopping trips would take 10 times longer than they do now!

    That looks like a lovely meezer.

  2. The meezer sets of the fancy bed and quilts purrfectly.

  3. Such a lot of fanciness in juz one pikshur!


  4. That meezer looks pretty comfy. Poppy, we loved your daisy mat pictures. You look so pretty on your new mat.


  5. Looks like an easy job. Our humans tells us there's this cat that hangs out in the postal office. Working cats are cool, we thinks.

  6. Looks like she's sleeping on the job.

  7. It looks like the Princess and the Pea!

  8. I love it when you find cats - and possibly dogs - in shops like this. They make such a nice and sweet addition and works wonders for the ambiance!

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  10. What a lovely meezer shop kitty.
    Jazper wonders if she's available...

  11. Stores with resident kitties or doggies are the best!

  12. It's good work, if you can get it.

  13. There is a shop near me, which is dedicated to cats and books--both highly worthy things. There are many cats in the shop and many cat like things. And also some books. I have not been to the shop, because my "beans" to borrow the term, realize I would use the opportunity to conquer the world!
    Yours in Equal Employment Opportunity,
    Jerusalem Jones, R.E.A.D.E.R.

  14. What a cool job the meezer cat has. I wonder if I can one like that. To be paid to nap. Sounds like a plan.

  15. There's the shopcat site,, although they haven't updated it in almost a year.