Saturday, February 28, 2009

See you later in the year

This weekend a big large cloud full of rain has descended on New Zealand, just in time for today - the last official day of summer. Who could believe that last weekend we had temperatures of 33degree C (91.5 degree F )?

Mum and Budley went for a walk and bike ride along the coast in Napier, and were lucky enough to catch the air show the Air Force put on over the harbour.

It was amazing to be just under the planes, with their great aerial displays.
On the way home, a vintage steam engine arrived, with its load of art deco visitors who had been on a day trip.
We will miss you summer, but we know that so many of our friends have shivered through their winter, deep in snow and grey skies. Please go and warm them up, then hurry back to us.
Mum and Poppy Q


  1. That air show looks impressive! My Mom saw an airshow long time ago at Travis Air Force Base.

  2. I can't believe today was the last day of summer. Despite the horrible rain I made the most of it and caught lots of cicadas!

  3. You're welcome up here. Spring is officially starting tomorrow. So it's our last day of winter :-)

  4. 33 Degrees? That's nuts! The air show looks very cool, it was great that your mum got to see it. We hope you have a lovely Autumn:)

  5. OH wow Air shows are cool! I haves never seen one but momma says she used to love the whole sonic boom thing, and momam and dadda go to the airport sometimes for donuts and to sit and watch the big jets take off. such power..
    We here are soooo glad that summer is gone.. it is so much more terrible when you don't live by the ocean any more :(

  6. Our Spring comes in 22 days but I highly doubt the tulips will be blooming by then.

    We are getting rain today so some of the snow and ice will hopefully melt.

    Have a great weekend Poppy!

  7. We hope your summer unofficially lasts a bit longer. It is warming up for us now. The last few days have been around 50f and NO RAIN!!! It's too good to last though because we have rain forecast for Tuesday :(

  8. Oh my goodness! How can it be your summer is over? We hope your winter is not a cruel one like ours in Chicago has been this year.

    Thanks for sharing the air show pictures. Our Grandpa was a pilot in WWII so Mum always likes looking at pictures of planes.

  9. deer poppy q...
    if summer iz leevin noo zeeland ... den it mus be on it'z way to noo york.
    i can't wate!

  10. You scaaaaaaaaaaaared us! When we saw the title, we thought YOU were leaving till later in the year.

  11. Poppy Q we'll take good care of your summer!!! We get it alot though!!! Have a nice winter!!

    Kodak, 3 perf and Blossom