Friday, August 21, 2009

Bonjour My Friday Friend

On Fridays, we get to introduce our new blogging friends to all our other friends. Many of you have met before, but we know we have some readers - friends and family, who have not had a chance to meet any of the other cats out there.
This week My Friday Friend comes from Fontainebleau, which is 70kms south of Paris in France. It is the very beautiful kittenHaricot Blanc , which translates to White Bean.
Haricot Blanc is still a wee kitty cat, and we think was born about April this year. She shares her house with two year old Hiro, who is a black girl and a purr monster. Hector is an older, handsome male tabby sharing the house, who was born in Germany, lived in Italy and now is living in France (how is that for being well travelled!!).
In the house are a couple of beans too, and some woofies.
I hope you all get a chance to meet my new friends. They haven't been blogging long, and don't seem to get many visitors, but we love them and think they are very sweet. Please pop in and say Hi.
Have a lovely weekend, do something fun and something wild and crazy!!


  1. Poppy, you are truly a GRRR-8 furriend, dedicating your Friday's to new bloggers! We will, for sure, go say 'Ello! Hope you have a Furry Pawesome Weekend!!!

  2. We stopped by to say Hello and met Hector! What a handsome tabby boy! Thanks for introducing us, Poppy Q!

    Happy Weekend to you and your Mum!

  3. We are going too to meet your friends. They sound lovely:)

    We hope you girls have a great weekend!:)

  4. We visit them, Poppy, and like them bunches! This is the first time we have met Hector who is a senior. We have also met Hero who is quite lovely and of. course dear little Haricot Blanc

    The fact that they live in France but blog in english is very nice.

    It is so kind of you ,dear, to introduce all of us to new and interesting kitties! Love!

  5. Thanks for introducing them Poppy! They are lovely friends.

  6. It is nice that you introduce to us your friends
    Have a nice day

  7. Such a cute little white kitty! We'll pop over to say hello.

    Happy weekend, Poppy!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  8. Haricot Blanc is very cute! We'll come say hello =)

  9. Poppy thanks for letting us meet your friends - I am going to head over there right now! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  10. We're gonna go visit them...thanks for introducing us!

  11. We're heading over now! Thanks for the introduction!

  12. Haricot Blanc looks like a very interesting kitty. Thanks for introducing us.

  13. I went and said hello Poppy. Happy weekend!

    Huffle Mawson

  14. Poppy. Merci mille fois for making me you Friday friend. I was so chuffed when I came back from my hols to find all those lovely comments on my blog - and most of them were referrals from you.

    So once again, from all of us here in Fontainebleau - Hiro, Hector, the Lop Ears and the PRESENCE (who/whatever that might be)a BIG merci.

    Haricot B.