Saturday, August 8, 2009

In the Paper Last Week - Titled THE FAMILY THAT SPEYS TOGETHER

A Kiwi couple's de-sex life is keeping them together and on the move.

Alistar and Susan McKellow have rolled into New Plymouth in the SPCA mobile clinic.

They travel the country fixing cats and dogs, performing the simple surgery in a converted caravan.

Their marriage spans 37 years and 11,000 neutered and spayed animals, with Mrs McKellow assisting her husband as his vet nurse since 1972.

The de-sexing dream team spends three weeks of every month on the road, travelling all over New Zealand before heading home to Gisborne.

The animal-loving couple started working for the SPCA in 2006 after selling Mr McKellow's practice of 27 years.

The clinic was established by the SPCA to provide a free animal fixing service, because some owners couldn't afford it.

"Many of those animals wouldn't ever get to a vet. If we don't do it, people miss out," Mrs McKellow said.

SPCA education and fundraising officer Jackie Poles Smith says the North Taranaki organisation tries to target people whose animals already have litters.

It promoted the clinic's arrival through door knocking, leaflets and newspaper advertisements.
Kitten and puppy season starts in August and September, and the SPCA is hoping to reduce the number of unwanted animals it receives.

The clinic can even spay cats and dogs that have jumped the gun as it can also operate on pregnant pets to prevent more litters.

In addition to de-sexing, every animal that visits the clinic is microchipped and their information added to a database.

It is the second time the mobile clinic has visited New Plymouth and it is fully booked.
Mrs Poles Smith praised the work of the McKellows.
"They're making a real difference."

* JESSIE COLQUHOUN is an AUT journalism student.

We give this awesome couple two paws up, for looking after lots of little sweeties all over New Zealand. Aren't some people just fabulous?


  1. They are very good people to do that for kitties.

    Happy weekend Poppy. See you when mum and dad get back from holidays.

    Huffle Mawson

  2. What fantastic people! We think the term 'hero' is bandied about far too often, but this wonderful couple certainly fits the bill. Thankyou for telling us about them, Poppy:)

  3. That is a real interesting story! That is an important job!

    We want you to know we are giving you an award... not sure if you have it or not. If you would like it you can pick it up on our blog.

  4. Wow, what a lovely couple for caring about kitties so much.

  5. Our Bean firmly, almost rabidly, believes in an aggressive spay/neuter program. It's good to see those who care so much.

  6. They are really wonderful! God bless them!

    Adele, Vincent & Bella

  7. What wonderful people they are!!! It's nice to know there are people out there who care enough to spay/nueter for those who cannot afford to have it done. A BIG kudos to them. And Poppy, we want to wish you a Very Happy World Cat Day!!!

  8. When we first saw the kitty on the operating table like that, it gave us a start!

    God bless these wonderful people.
    It must have cost them a fortune to equip the mobile clinic and yet they give away their services . Whenever we read about how many unwanted animals are euthanized each year it brings tears to our eyes.

  9. What a good thing they are doing! Yay!

    Happy World Cat Day, Poppy!

  10. That's a fantastic story. Thanks for sharing, Poppy!

  11. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing! Happy World Cat Day from me to you.

  12. They get a huge paws up from me too. What a happy selfless couple they are..

    Hugs GJ xx

  13. Ha, ha, oh the wittiness of the headline:)

    Seems like a great couple indeed!

  14. An awesome couple doing awesome things!


  15. What a great story! happy World Cat Day!!

  16. What a wonderful couple they are.
    Happy World Cat Day to you.

  17. That is furry furry khool!

    Happy World Khat Snakhk Day!


  18. This was a great post! Thanks for sharing!