Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Fit Club - Saturday Edition

We missed Friday Fit club yesterday, as we were so excited it was the weekend.

This week, mum has kept me on a mix of old biscuits and obesity ones, let me have the fancy feasts, and spent quite a bit of time playing with me. She is also trying to cut down on my secret snacks - temptations, now I am only allowed two at a time.

Mum has bought herself lots of fresh fruits and veg at the market. At work, she buys a ham/egg/salad sandwich on wholemeal/grain bread, and a piece of fruit and has cut out buying any biscuits or fruit juices. She fills her water bottle and drinks that all day.

** My vet told me I had to lose 0.5 kg by April, which is in six months time and is a 10% loss. So mum is joining me, and trying to make healthy choices too!!

Have a nice weekend everybody.


  1. I hope all this deprivation will be worth it Poppy!

  2. Now me and mom think you are glorious just the way you are but we admire both you and your mum for your determination,

  3. Your mom is doing a great job for both of you.

    I love the angles you get when taking pictures of Poppy

  4. ra ra I'm egging you both on.
    I did great till Friday, slipped Saturday - thank goodness for a new day today.

    Love Leanne

  5. Go Poppy Q And Poppy Mum! Eating healthier is the way to go. We bet you are enjoying the extra play sessions bunches.

  6. We think you look gorgeous just the way you are Poppy, but we wish you and your mum good luck with your healthy eating programme.

  7. Well done to you and your mom!

  8. Your mom and you are doing very well! I hope you can achieve your target by April. Your post made me feel guilty as I had a lot of french fries....
    Have a wonderful weeekend!!

  9. Good job to both of you! Every little bit helps.