Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Morning Time

My friend Deb asked me if daylights savings meant I was waking up earlier in the morning.  I don't usually wake up with the birdies.  This morning my mum waked up at 6.45am to have a shower.  I just rolled over and looked at her, and stretched out to take up more space.  Finally I woke up at 7.20am to go off and check out my breakfast.  If mum sleeps in, I usually sleep in with her.

Mum says she knows she is lucky as all of her friends have cats that wake them up at early o'clock. 


  1. Pretty Poppy, you really are makin all us early risers look bad. You need to wake your mom at 4 or 5,keep her up, then let her go back to sleep approximately 15 minutes befur her alarm goes off. Good luck!

  2. My human and I are night owls - we don't go to bed until around 2 a.m. - and I am usually the very last one out of bed out of all the creatures, human and animal, here!

  3. early o'clock is right in our house, Spirit cat starts waking me up at 4am, which usually sees the other two Pixie and Tarmal joining in too!

    Even on the weekends I hasten to add!

    Your mum want to swap?
    Just kidding ;)

  4. Poppy, could you please come here and teach Fui and Lishy some manners?

    Thanks, pretty!
    -from the mum.

  5. OMC, your lucky, lucky mum. Seriously.


  6. We consider it a duty to wake our mom and dad early ~ that way the fit more into each day! MOL!

  7. Hi Poppy! How thoughtful and considerate of you to not wake your mom up in the middle of early o'clock. :)

  8. Aw, Poppy, you are so nice to sleep in a bit.

    One of us here keeps trying to wake up our beans earlier and earlier - that gets him banned from their bedroom.

    Mindy (not me)
    Bono (not me)
    Cookie(not me)
    Mike (not me)

  9. I think you are very smart to sleep in. I like it when my human does that--but she needs to be awake enough to pet me!

  10. You are a smart girl, Poppy, to sleep in.

  11. You're a very thoughtful girl, Poppy. We think 4AM is just the very best time to start our day. Mum disagrees!

  12. Poppy,
    My Kite (sphynx girl) doesn't wake up until some time after noon! She takes sleeping in to the extreme

  13. We don't wake mum up either. She sleeps in, we sleep in.

  14. I sleep in with the humans, too! They are also grateful for that.


  15. Jan says you would be a delight to have around the house since she is not an early o clock person.