Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Mum says she is a bit tired of it raining on all of her days off.  She wants to get out and pull some weeds, and instead has to keep wearing her raincoat (not in the garden, she's not that nutty).

She went out and picked up some trousers she had hemmed this morning.  Then it was off to the film festival to see a couple of movies:  Your Sister's Sister and The Cabin in the Woods, which were both good.  Then she decided that the rain wasn't too bad and so she walked home before cooking a tasty mash and lamb chop dinner.

Me - I got up after she arrived home, ate my dinner and then headed off back to bed.  I'm going to stay there all night too.


  1. I say of the weeds are green, let them stay! ha!

    Have a lovely, unrainy day, lovely ladies!

    PS. I do not think I have ever in my life had a lamb chop.

  2. Rainy days are best spent in bed! Stay warm and dry, pretty Poppy. (Mum too)

  3. My human says she would MUCH rather go to the movies than do any weeding. But you should see what our yard looks like!

  4. You're a smart girl, Poppy. Sleeping is a great way to spend a rainy day and night.

  5. We think your way of passing the time is the best Poppy.