Saturday, July 28, 2012


Mum was on call last night, and she said it was another super chilly one to get out of bed - super frosty.

We had a little sleeps in, then got up and watched the opening ceremony of the olympics.  It was very festive looking, and mum is looking forward to some of the competitions starting.  Now she has to move her caboose, and head off to the fruit +veg market.  Then she is meeting a friend to have dinner and see Magic Mike (don't judge - it has had good reviews).

I'm off to lie in the sun - yes we have had lots of sun, but don't worry our rain and grey skies are due back for mums week off.

P.S - I did not shred the tree in yesterdays picture.  They  are called cabbage trees, and they always look like that.  We will try and get some betterer pictures to show you.

Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy.


  1. We're enjoying our blankies with all this FREEZING weather!

  2. Stay cozy Poppy, and we hope your Mom enjoys the Olympics after her shift.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)

  3. Enjoy your sunshines sweet Poppy, then cuddle Mum while the Olympics are on!

  4. Poppy, you should have let everyone think YOU did all that shredding! ;-)

  5. So you are a cabbage patch cat? LOL!

    I am going to try to catch some of the Olympics this weekend to see if I need to start watching it again.

    Have a lovely weekend, lovely ladies!

  6. Our mom will watching some of the Olympic coverage too. She saw most of the opening ceremonies, thought the lighting of the torch was spectacular!

    Enjoy your weekend and tell your mum to have a great time during her extended break. :-)

  7. I watch the opening ceremonies too !
    I don't miss any cause I got up @ 4.30 am., and Miss Poppy I woke everyone UP !!!!! I scratched the door , I ran like a dog , I made lots of noise till everyone got up !
    I have to make sure everyone don't miss nice am I....tee...heh...heh... And it's Saturday : )
    Miss you Miss Poppy.
    Let's enjoy more games

  8. Miss Q, you look verreh excited in your photo, MOL!