Saturday, July 7, 2012


We love the video we posted last week of the pussycat on youtube singing it's Caturday song, and all day today mum had it in her head.

Mum got up at earlybird time,gave me my flea treatment, did some loads of laundry and went to the market and got lots of green stuff for the week.  Then she went and did jobs, met a friend for lunch, saw a movie, went to the supermarket, phoned a friend and had dinner.

We had a nice evening with the heaters on as it is a chilly night again.  We saw lots of pictures of the USA on the news - our friends have got the big hots at the moment.  We are sure keen to send them some of our cools.  We were lucky today though, the sun was shining and it was warm if you were out in the sun, a sign that spring is only a few months away.

Enjoy your Caturday!!


  1. It's hawt here for sure. Muggy muggy muggy! Happy Caturday, ladies!

  2. Yeah, lots of us would be glad to trade you some of our hots for some of your cold. In a few months we'd happily trade again.

  3. Sometimes we think it would be nice to have cool weather all the time, but then again, we wouldn't have the seasons. However, it is HOT outside.

  4. Poppy, now Mommy is humming the Caturday song! Paws crossed you get another sunny day.

  5. I hope your winter weather continues to stay nice!

  6. Happy Caturday to you too Poppy. We've got the hots but not as hot as the US of A kitties.

    We loves it because when we gets the cold it's really, really cold.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)