Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hey Yoo

Hey Yoo, how comes you are home so late?  I need my dinners before 7pm thank yoo very much.  Let's not make a habit of this - ok?


  1. You tell her Poppy. That is disgraceful making you wait.

    The Paw Relations

  2. Oh, this sort of thing does not sit well with kitties. Imagine the looks I get from three Gs, Miss Pops!

    Not good, let me tell you. Not good at all.

    Hope you both have a lovely day! And on-time dinners!

  3. 7 PM !!!!! ???????

    poppy....ewe knead ta call de law peepuls N file a complaint....

    two day itz 7...two morrow it'll be 7:03...who week yur lookin at 7:08

  4. Hungry kitty tummy! No good. Did you have some dry food town you could have as an appetizer?

  5. Love the blog, love Poppy!

    Here's one I'm doing:

    Hope you like it :)