Monday, October 8, 2012


We have had typical springish weather, with clouds and rain, and bits of coolness.  Tonight though mum is watching a programme about the mini ice age, great famine  in the UK in 1316, that killed almost 25% of the population in some areas, then the Black Death which killed up to 60% of the population twenty years later.  Puts everything in perspective doesn't it?


  1. Yes, it does, and often the humans need to reminded of what's important--and what's really not.

    Our human had a reset of her perspective last week, watching part of a documentary on PBS about the oppression of women--the episode was about the trafficking of young girls in Thailand, Cambodia, etc., sold to brothels by their families. Our mom watched for maybe half an hour, then had to turn it off, it was so horrific. And she realized how truly and deeply blessed she's been in her life, for no good reason at all. Sheer luck of birth.

    Really makes all the silly day to day stuff we get fussed about seem utterly unimportant in the grand scheme of things--which it is.

  2. It really is all too easy to get caught up in our own little lives and problems that we actually forget the bigger picture. We forget how much suffering has been before us and is still happening all over the world, every moment of every day.

    Human imperfections... we has it.

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  3. Lovely pic of you outside, Poppy. Yes, we all do need to keep perspective of our lives. Just like Fuzzy Tales said, sheer luck of birth.

  4. Yep, we (and our people) are Lucky Ones to be living where we're able to be free and healthy and comfortable. Even when things are bad, they aren't *that* bad.

    Here the weather is very, very Fallish. Enjoy your Springishness!

  5. We echo the sentiment of everyone who has commented before us. We are truly fortunate to live in the time and place we do.

    Thank you Poppy (and Mom too) for reminding us.

    Enjoy your spring's getting cold here.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)

  6. We have Fallish today, Miss Poppy. Mommy thinks she has seen those two shows and they drove home just how fragile we are.