Saturday, October 13, 2012


It is Caturday here in NZ, and boy has it been a stormy spring day.  So much so, that every time mum thought about leaving the rain poured down.  So I made her stay home and snuggle with me.  This is me this morning, running towards her in the lounge.

She did get three loads of washing done, a bit of tidying up, the dishes done and the kitchen cleaned - ohh and some weeds pulled out even though she got wet doing it.

Hope you all have a relaxing Caturday.


  1. Sometimes rainy days are nice. They have the uncanny ability to either force you to do something you'd been putting off or give you the excuse to do absolutely nothing! Marvelous, yes?

    Enjoy your day, ladies!

  2. My human is NEVER that productive in rainy weather!

  3. now that IS a nice greeting!
    cold up here too brrrr
    Love Leanne