Friday, July 15, 2022


 The clouds were rolling in as mum left for work for her afternoon shift.  She had a great nights sleep, she said there was no howling done at all.  So she was productive this morning and got washing done and hoovering too.  

This winter has been mild,  she hasn't pulled out scarves or beanies yet.  We even don't need a heater on some evenings.   Long may it last.


  1. What a lovely picture your mum has taken. We do hope you have a good winter and not any really Frosty stuff. Our summer is up and down like crazy. This morning it's downright cold, but by tomorrow it's supposed to be all steamy again.

  2. We are steamy here though Lukas is snoring in the air conditioning...Have a sweet night!

  3. So far so good, eh, Poppy? Though the clouds looked menacing there.