Monday, July 18, 2022

Day Off

 Mum slept in on her day off and only did a few chores and read her book.  The day went fast, and i was enjoying having her home all day and evening.  Funny to think it is cool and wintery here, and so many of you are having scorching hot summer weather.  


  1. Oh Poppy, how comfy you look. Too bad your mum's time off goes so quickly. That time should
    slow down and work time should go faster. We had inches of rain yesterday and a cool front
    but not as cold as yours. We'll be steamy today.

  2. Enjoy that cozy bed. Wishing you and Mum a sweet day.

  3. Enjoy your cool and wintry. It is 32C here which is unheard of!

  4. Yes, too hot here, Poppy. I start thinking of autumn on such days.