Saturday, August 2, 2008

In the NZ Herald today

Light-pawed Tigger wreaks havoc with the laundry
5:00AM Saturday August 02, 2008By Lincoln Tan and Simon Collins
Tigger sitting pretty with his neighbourhood loot. Photo / Simon Baker

His light-pawed antics have made him a local celebrity, but not everyone is laughing about Timaru's cat burglar.
Tigger, the 12-year-old moggy with a penchant for nicking everything from soft toys to bed sheets, has been a source of amusement to most of his victims.

But one unidentified neighbourhood resident who has had several sets of gardening gloves disappear in Tigger's jaws is a whisker away from taking the law into her own hands.
She has threatened to trap Tigger and have him taken away, or even to seek legal action against his owner, Sharon Cumming, if the feline filching continues.
"I apologised and she was really quite rude," Ms Cumming told the Weekend Herald. "But I can't stop him. I've spoken to the vet and they say there is nothing that can be done. How can you be held accountable for what a cat does, short of locking him up for 24 hours?"
A worried Ms Cumming went to police, who "were in hysterics" at the claim she could be charged over her cat's actions.
"Most people think it is hilarious. Some I think are quite tickled pink that he has visited them and taken something."

Almost daily Tigger presents something to Ms Cumming. His deliveries include gloves, tea towels, shoes, baby clothes, underpants, balls and toys. Among his biggest hauls are a single bed sheet, a man's hooded sweatshirt and a woman's jersey.
"He hasn't brought any wallets, and everyone says I'm not training him right," Ms Cumming said `Anything is a target. It doesn't really matter what."
Ms Cumming washes and returns items to any owners she can find, but many possessions remain unclaimed.


  1. Oh My doG, that is the funniest story I have ever heard...just think he has cat-napped all those things, shame on that neighbor for getting mad..

    Miss Henry

  2. Now we have a face for a Cat Burglar! haha
    That lady with the gardening gloves should just chill, and not pick a bone with the kitty, he means no harm!
    Thanx for sharing this interesting news, Poppy Q.
    Have a non-cloudy weekend!

  3. Well shoot, I had that award for you too!

  4. I would be honored if Tigger took something of mine. That other lady is very MEAN!

  5. Tigger is so cool!! I also think it would be an honor for him to snatch something (especially if his nice owner washes everything and gives it back). I'd say, just put your name on anything that you'll leave outdoors! Thanks for sharing this story.

  6. Now that is impressive! I like that cat. FAZ

  7. Oh, that is just too funny! Gandalf steals Mom's shoes, but they stay in the house. Mom would not be happy if they ended up at a neighbor's house, because then Mom would know that he left our yard and we'd never be let outside again!

  8. Hhahahahhahha, Wow, Tigger is a real cat burglar indeed! That is the most amazing story!! I especially like how Tigger brought home a bed sheet, that is so funny!! Why doesn't the lady with the garden gloves just lock her gloves so he can't get to them. D'uh!!

  9. This guy is a legend! You can't stop a legend from doing his thing! Could they stop Elvis? Could they stop Neil Armstrong? Could they stop Greg Norman? (Cancel that last one... he always seems to stop himself...)