Friday, August 22, 2008

Snuggly Week

It has been a funny week. Very cold some days and nights.
Here I am helping mum to dry the bath mats by the heater.

Mum says that this has been her tea and lunch for a few days. Soup and toast.

However when the sun is shining we can finally feel some warmth in it. A sure sign that spring is coming back to us.

Have a nice weekend every cat and bean.

Poppy Q


  1. mmmm. Mom loves toast! It's hard to imagine that it's winter there, since it's so hot here, Poppy Q!

  2. Soup and toast sounds delightful! I think I am ready for the snuggle season Poppy, maybe just as you are ready for the warmth!
    Smooches and happy weekend back atcha'!

  3. Have a happy weekend, Poppy Q!

  4. My mom loves soup and toast and just wishes it were colder in West Texas so she could enjoy it more- BUT IT'S NOT IT IS BLOOMIN' 'OT 'ERE!

    Whew. Aren't you glad I got THAT off my chest? I hope you have a warm and cozy weekend, Poppy Q.

  5. Have a great weekend, Poppy Q and Mum :-D

  6. I would love to have some cooler weather. It's been so warm here. Some soup, some toast, and a nice cup of hot tea would definately suit me just right!

  7. I Dare You!
    Yes, it is time again for another challenge from The Cat Realm! Come and check out the details on our blog.
    I hope you will accept the challenge and will eagerly await your entry!

  8. That looks like a very yummy meal! Especially if that toast has melty butter on it. Nom! Nom!

    We are heading into our snuggly season. Almost had to put the woodstove on a couple of days ago.

    Purrs, Shade and Goldie