Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bed Making Tip Number Five The Dramatic Final

Bed making tip number five: THE DRAMATIC CONCLUSION.... is your job to test the bed and..............

............make sure it is worthy of sleeping on.............

......only then will it be safe for you and your beans.

I hopes you has enjoyed my tips on helping to make your bed.

Poppy Q


  1. Hi, I made a meme for you, come and have a look.

  2. Bed testing for the beans is crucial! I see you have this step down to a fine art!
    ps - we do not have a kitty-door and we never get to be on the deck's a bean rule of ours...

  3. Thank you for all the lessons, Poppy! Great job!

  4. What great lessons you had all week!

    We are very behind in visiting. I may have to give the PM a little bitey.

    Purrs Goldie

  5. Poppy, As an expert bedmaker and one who ran a bedmaking school and won a bedmakig award when I was a pup, I would like to congratulate you on your skills. A job very well done.

    But it is not finished. The last step is to nest in the bedding. You know, use your feet to make a nest. A proper bed needs lots of wrinkles and swirls and tunnels. Good luck.


  6. Will you please stop by and give lessons to Maggy and Zoey. So far, they are complete and total failures at bed-making. However, they do score high when it comes to bed-messing-up.
    P.S. if you would email us, we would like to send you two pictures we made for purrty Miss Poppy Q. We are Bye Now!

  7. Those were excellent tips. You are a very good bed maker.

  8. I gave you an award. Stop by my blog and pick it up!

  9. Wow yoo are so furry smart and considerate to yur hyoomans so dey will haf a nice place to take dare naps. We gif yoo a 10 in bed makin.

  10. Those were great bed making tips. Did you see my laundry on the bed video on Wednesday? It was pretty funny.


  11. What a fine instruction manual. It should be included with the sale of each bedspread.