Thursday, September 11, 2008

What else do I do outside?

Why I might pop over to the next door neighbours building site.................

............ for a bit of snoopervising, or...............

...........I might leave some smells over the next door garage wall.

I am glad youse are all enjoying my outside adventures. I understands that many of my super furriends has to be inside cats, and don't get outside ever!! These posts are for you my friends.


  1. I am enjoying your adventures Poppy!
    ps - I do not think that Daddy is going to fly in the sleigh, he's leaving on a jet plane... :(

  2. Oh, Poppy Q! Do be careful. It looks like lots of stuff that might give you a hurty in that pile.

  3. Yeah, Poppy Q, be careful in ur snoopervising of the woods and stuff lying around, ok?
    And it is such fun to 'follow' u around in ur adventures, we can only dream about the outdoors!
    Hugs and Purrs,

  4. Hi Poppy Q,

    That does look like fun.

  5. Poppy, you are wilder than we thought!

    That site looks like a lot of fun! Good hidey holes there.

    Do you have to share your walks with other neighbour cats?

    purrs Goldie and Shade

  6. We are living vicariously through you Poppy Q. You have such fun adventures!

  7. Thank you, Poppy. We don't go outside, so we're enjoying your adventures outdoors.

  8. Be careful, Poppy Q! That building site looks a little bit dangerous! You get to do a lot of adventurous things.

  9. Thanks Poppy. I get outside sometimes but not to roam around like you do.

  10. You see some neat stuff and get to smell lots of interesting things. I'm kinda jealous!