Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Outside Tips

When I am outside, I likes to climb in the gutter.........

.......... and explore around the parked cars,.............

........I epecially like to sniff their number plates........

.........mmm this one has been somewhere smelly!!

Now my mum does not encourage me to be around cars, as she says thems are very dangerous. But outdoor kitties are not very good at listening. Luckily our street is a quiet cul de sac, and mum tries to keep me inside when the traffic is busy.

Please come back tomorrow and see all the other outside places I gets to visit!! Next week we will explore the garden!!


  1. Great weather and a beautiful cat out snoopervising, thanx for sharing Poppy Q! :D
    We had a laugh when we saw ur face when checking out that smelly car! hee hee
    P/S: did u receive our msg about an award for you, Poppy Q?

  2. I hear that bugs get on those number plates sometimes! Yum!

  3. You are very brave to get so close to cars, Poppy Q! We never get that close tot he street. We're very scarity.

  4. Poppy, don't go in the street!!! It's very dangerous. I think you should go back in the yard where you're safe.


  5. Now I want to sniff some license plates!

  6. I am a tad afraid of cars. Lucky for us we live where the road turns into a dirt road. Very quiet!

    Be careful out there Poppy!

    Can't wait for the garden tour.

    Purrs Goldie

  7. Poppy Q - We have to be very careful outside. Crazy Lady doesn't like for us to go out too much, but we lived outside (Tom and Phoebe) until we were almost 1 year old, so she hates to keep us in all the time like Trixie. We are on a very quiet street with no loose dogs around. But, we have to come in every night at dark 'cause there have been some coyotes seen in our neighborhood!
    :o) Thomas, Phoebe and Trixie

  8. Be careful around those big old metal monsters. The could smoosh you really fast.

  9. I love to read about your outside adventures! I have to live vicariously through you since I never get outside.