Sunday, September 14, 2008

Next Week

Ohhhhhhhh don't my eyes look very evil here!! Anyways fans and furriends, brace yourselves as next week we will enter - THE BACK GARDEN!!!

For all of those with green fingers, you may want to look away, go on vacation or hide. Be prepared to shake your kermit fingers at us.

We can take it, we have got the wheelie bin and rubbish bags ready.

See you next week for - Outdoors Tours with Poppy Part II The BACK GARDEN.


  1. You just look intent pretty Poppy! I am ready to garden with you.
    I gave you a couple of awards today, come and see!

  2. We're ready, Poppy Q!

  3. Hey Poppy! I just wanted to stop by and say Hi!

  4. Gardening is good! Do you have carrots in your garden?

    Poppy, my name is Alice (even though it says Kimberly) and I would appreciate it if you contacted me at
    kikuta2008mod2v @ gmail . com
    without the spaces of course!

  5. Sorry. I just noticed that there is a mistake in the email address I wrote
    I'll try again
    kikuta2008mod2 @ gmail . com