Friday, March 4, 2011

My Garden Buddy

I have a night friend in the garden - Mr Hedgehoggy. Mum didn't realise til she did her housesitting job over the summer, how noisy hedgehogs were. All the ones she had seen before must have been of the quiet variety, and in the summer she got to meet one with sinus problems who lived below her bedroom window.
Our one is swifty and runs around the garden at night, and I do chase him but don't get too close. I think me and him will have a little truce and let each other live in peace.
By the way - we had another little earthquake at 2amish this morning, no damage done anywhere but the earth is sure rattling peoples nerves.
Have a nice weekend everybuddy.


  1. Wow! How cool is that! He is such a cutie.
    Our G-Ma has been pretty freaked out by the rocking and rolling too.

  2. We have never seen one of those in person, but we have heard of people who have them as pets. They sure look cute.

    Jack & Scout

  3. A hedgehog with sinus problems? We think that's funny! We've never seen one in purrson either, though they're very cute!

    Stay safe with all those aftershocks...scary.

  4. That is such a cute hedgehog! We've never lived where there was such a cutie.

  5. That is cute and mum loves them but be careful and dont get too close. Sorry you felt a quake again and you must be very nervous.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. Isn't he precious! We don't have them where we live. Are they friendly? Can you get them to take food from your hand?

    Do they think the rumblings you are having are related to the big quake or are these separate events. What ever it is, there is entirely too much seismic activity for anyones comfort.

  7. We have one of those in our garden too. He snorts and grunts like a little pig. Mum didn't realise how fast they move until she put the outside light on to see what we were looking at.
    We hope those earthquakes stop. It must be very scary.

  8. That hedgehog is cute, Poppy, but you are probably wise to keep your distance!

    I hope those little shakers stay that way - little.

  9. YOur friend is a cutie! We wish the earth would quit shaking!

  10. I wonder what a hedgehog with sinus problems sounds like? Hmmmm.

    I wish your part of the world would quit rumbling!

  11. wow, you have a hedgehoggy friend too! i love them (as you know) and i so hope they've survived this hard winter and that they'll be stopping by the hedgehog drop inn come spring (we've even made a new house for them:)

    this one is superadorable! lucky you:)